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PCCLIST  October 2003

PCCLIST October 2003


Re: PCC Survey on Cataloging of E-Resources


Linda S Griffin <[log in to unmask]>


Program for Cooperative Cataloging <[log in to unmask]>


Fri, 3 Oct 2003 14:42:38 -0500





text/plain (322 lines)

See response to survey in email below.


Linda Smith Griffin, Associate Librarian
Head of Cataloging
LSU Libraries
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA  70803
Phone: 225) 578-4685
Fax: (225) 578-6535
Email: [log in to unmask]

"Byrd, Jacqueline Jo" <[log in to unmask]>> on 09/29/2003 08:35:16 AM

Please respond to Program for Cooperative Cataloging <[log in to unmask]>

Sent by:    Program for Cooperative Cataloging <[log in to unmask]>

To:    [log in to unmask]
cc:     (bcc: Linda S Griffin/lgriffi/LSU)

Subject:    Re: PCC Survey on Cataloging of E-Resources


The survey below was written by the Task Group to Survey
the PCC Libraries on Electronic Resources, which is charged
with the development of a survey to be sent to all PCC libraries
with the goal of providing the BIBCO Policy Committee the
following information:
*       Which libraries are cataloging electronic resources
*       To what extent
*       What are the selection criteria
*       Who is making the selection decisions
*       What areas or types of electronic resources would libraries
want to see PCC libraries concentrate their efforts in creating

The survey includes 15 "core" questions that the Task Group hopes
that you will all fill out.  At the bottom of the survey are 10
"supplemental" questions that are also very important.  Although not
as closely tied to our charge as are the "core" questions, these
"supplemental" questions are important ones that would provide
valuable information for PCC libraries cataloging electronic resources.

Thank you for providing whatever information you can about these
important topics!

Task Group to Survey the PCC Libraries on Electronic Resources:
Jackie Byrd, Indiana University, Chair
Ana Lupe Cristan, Library of Congress, ex-officio
E. Ann Caldwell, Brown University
Thomas A. Downing, U.S. Government Printing Office
Bruce Knarr, Library of Congress
Margaretta Yarborough, University of North Carolina

Remote electronic resource: a resource accessible via the Internet

To catalog: to create a new MARC bibliographic record or use an
existing one, with or without editing it

1.      Does your library catalog remote access electronic resources?

                YES  __X___      NO _____

        If no, go on to #10 of the Supplemental Questions at the end of
the survey.

2.      Approximately how many remote electronic resources does your
library catalog in a year's time?

3.      Which of the following categories of remote electronic resources

are cataloged at your library?

__X__  Paid e-resources acquired individually by your library

__X__  Cooperatively purchased e-resources

_X___ Online access as an add-on to the cost of a print subscription

__X__  Online access included free with paid print subscription

____  Free indexes & databases

__X__  Free e-journals

__X__  Free e-monographs

__X__  Resources, whether paid or free, that replace print resources

____  Resources related to other items being cataloged

____  Resources available for a limited trial period

____  Library/Parent Institution websites

____ Demos and samples

____  Sites "under construction"

____  Abstracts only

____  Membership pages

_X___  U.S. Government Documents

__X__ Local/State Government Documents

____ Other (Please specify below)

4.      Which staff catalog remote electronic resources at your library.

Check all that apply:

__X__  Professional

____ Hourly (students, etc.)

__X__ Paraprofessional

____ Volunteer

_X___  Cataloging staff

____ Acquisitions staff

____  Collection development staff

__X__ Other (Please specify)      **** Database Management Staff

5.      What criteria are used in determining which remote
electronic resources are selected for cataloging at your library?

The Libraries Collection Development Policy is used for the selection  and
cataloging of all library materials, regardless of format.

6.      What priorities determine which resources receive
cataloging first, e.g. paid over free, "free-with-paid" over free?  Paid
over free

7.      Does your library catalog online titles locally in an ILS
for access via your library's OPAC?  YES

If so, when is this done?:

____ At the time of ordering

__X__ When the resource is available

____ At the time that the license is signed

____ Other (Please specify)

8.      Are your library's catalog records for electronic
resources made available to all member libraries in OCLC or RLIN?  OCLC,
but not all of them.

If so, at what level do you catalog these titles?:

__X__ Full level ____ Core level __X__ Minimal level

9.      Does your library assign some type of classification scheme
to records that represent online titles?  NO

10.     Do you assign subject access to the remote electronic resources
cataloged by your library?YES

11.     If your library uses records from other sources (EBSCO,
Serials Solutions, netLibrary, OCLC WorldCat Collection Sets, OCLC
TechPro, etc.), what local customization is made to these records? Add call
no., remove 6XXs not used, and revise 049 field

12.     Does your library provide access to remote electronic resources
in ways other than cataloging for your local system?     YES      If so,

___X_  Listings on library's website

____  Commercial Portal, e.g. MetaLib

____  Other?  (Please specify)

13.     Does your library consider the act of cataloging online
titles to constitute the selection of these titles for permanent
public access via your library's collection?  YES

14.     Who determines what remote electronic resources are cataloged
at your library?  Please check all that apply.  If you are checking
more than one, please indicate a priority for each, if applicable for
your library.

__1__  Collection Development Staff

__2__  Faculty Members

__3__  Reference Staff

__4__  Users

____  Others  (Please specify below)

15.     Are there specific categories of remote electronic resources
for which you would like to see more catalog records available in
OCLC and RLIN?  If more than one category is selected, please
indicate priority order (1, 2, 3, etc.)

____  U.S.      government publications

____  International government publications

____  Government publications of other countries

__5__ Local government publications

__6__ State government publications

____  Electronic Journals

____  Databases

____  Indexes

___1_  Digital library text collections

__2__  Digital library image collections

__3__  Digital library mixed media collections

__4__  Digital library sound/music collections

____  Other digital library collections (Please Specify)

__7__  Maps

____  Other (Please Specify)

SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS: Please provide answers to these
questions if you feel that you can spare the time.  These are important
questions to us, but they are not as crucial to the charge of the Task
Group as are the questions above.

1.      Do you have a cataloging policy for remote electronic resources?

2.      Approximately what percent of the remote electronic resources
cataloged by your library are serials?

3.      Does your library produce a separate record for online titles,
or does it use a "single" record to catalog both tangible and online
versions of the same item? Primarly single, but we do use the separate
record on occasion

4.      Does your library run a links checker against links and, if so,
how often?  YES

5.      Does your library use open URLs?  YES

6.      Does your library use PURLs?  YES

7.      Does your library routinely review any of the remote electronic
resources you have cataloged to see if the record created still reflects
the item cataloged, e.g. to catch a change in title, subject matter, or
focus?  NO

8.      If your library provides access to electronic resources in ways
other than cataloging records in your local system (website, commercial
portal, etc.), is there subject access given to titles in alternative
listings?  YES

If so, what sort of subject access?

__X__  LCSH

__X__ Other standard list (Please specify)   -- Subject access based on
classification number

____  Locally developed list

9.      Is your cataloging staff routinely involved in creating non-MARC

metadata for electronic resources?  NO

10.     Does your library have a collection development policy
for electronic resources?  YES

Submitted by:

Linda Smith Griffin
Head of Cataloging
Louisiana State University Libraries

Marsha Aucoin
Head Database Management
Louisiana State University Libraries


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