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NLS-REPORTS  August 1997

NLS-REPORTS August 1997


Network Bulletin 97-46


National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped <[log in to unmask]>


NLS Documents for Network Libraries <[log in to unmask]>


Thu, 28 Aug 1997 10:09:36 -0400





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Network Bulletin No. 97-46

Date:  August 29, 1997

Subject:  Conferences

Index term:  Resolutions, 1999 conference sites, and NLS
responses to questions and concerns raised at the 1997
regional conferences.

The four regional conferences of librarians serving blind
and physically handicapped individuals held their biennial
meetings in April and May.  The Midlands and Southern
Conferences met together in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on
April 28-30; the Northern Conference met on Long Island,
New York, on May 7-9; and the Western Conference met on
May 11-14 in Anchorage, Alaska.

Election results, resolutions, 1999 conference sites,
questions raised at the conferences, and NLS responses are


For further information contact:

Stephen Prine
Head, Network Services Section
Midlands Conference
April 28-30, 1997
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Resolution I

Whereas, the National Library Service provides excellent and
innumerable support services to the cooperative network of
libraries and, just to highlight a few;

Whereas, the National Library Services provides
scintillating public education tools, i.e., photomurals and
poster; and

Whereas, the NLS Library Service has significantly improved
and made ever-so-much more readable the print-braille books;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Midlands Conference, on
this 30th day of April 1997, commends the National Library
Service for providing the network with the benefits of these
wonderful tools, without our agencies doing the funding.

NLS RESPONSE:  Thank you.

Resolution II

Whereas, the Oklahomans for Special Library Services gave a
wonderful reception for attendees of the 1997 Midlands/South
Joint Conference; and

Whereas, the reception included delicious food and
interesting and delightful entertainment;

Therefore, be it resolved that the members of the Midlands
Conference, on this 30th day of April 1997, thank the
Oklahomans for Special Library Services.


Resolution III

Whereas, Geraldine Adams, Guynell Williams, and the staff of
the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Library for the Blind and
Physically Handicapped have set a standard of excellence as
cochairs and hosts of a regional conference; and

Whereas, the 1997 Midlands/South Joint Conference included
presentations of quality on topics of import for current and
future development of our library services and operations;

Whereas, the 1997 Midlands/South Joint Conference
incorporated local cultural sites and personalities that
were entertaining, educational, and spiritually uplifting;

Whereas, the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, regional library staff
shared the beauty and benefits of their physical facility,
The Hill, and the strength of their program; and

Whereas, individual Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, regional
library staff contributed time and talents to all aspects of
a most successful conference from extraordinary bus tour
duty to KP;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Midlands Conference
members on this 30th day of April, 1997, extend to
Geraldine, Guynell, and the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,
regional library staff our congratulations on a job well
done, and our sincere thanks for a wonderfully enriching
experience in the Heartland!



Chair:  Barbara Perkis, Illinois regional library

Vice Chair:  Karen Odean, Illinois SRL

Secretary:  Eileen Sheppard, Illinois SRL

Treasurer:  Ellie Sevdy, Minnesota MLA

Robert Watson, Minnesota Machine-Lending Agency, replacing
Ceci Marlow on the National Audio Equipment Advisory
Northern Conference
May 7-9, 1997
Long Island, New York


1.  That NLS develop and distribute a master list of
advisory committees, chairs, and representatives, with the
dates of terms for each participant, so that regional
conference chairs and members can be prepared to accept
and vote upon nominations to committees at the regional
conference meetings. (Passed unanimously)

NLS RESPONSE:  These lists are being compiled and will be
shared with the network.

2.  That Northern Conference members contact all consumers
and supporters of talking-book services to make them aware
of the NLS budget request for 2.5 million dollars for
10,000 new cassette machines.  Consumers and supporters
might take it upon themselves to contact their senators to
encourage a "yes" vote when the issue reaches the Senate
in early June. (Passed unanimously)


3. That the Northern Conference is alarmed and distressed
by the growing number of students using NLS equipment only
for RFB&D textbooks, and recommends that NLS:

a.  begin a national education program through the
National Education Association to educate teachers
generally and special education teachers particularly about
the role of NLS materials and the policies governing usage;

b.  begin to participate in national education and parent
association conferences;

c.  urge regional libraries to participate in state,
regional, and local education and parent association

d.  offer training for RFB&D line staff so that they will
be able to present fully accurate information about NLS
library services;

e.  write articles for professional journals in education
and librarianship;

f.  prepare a factsheet similar to that produced by the
Suffolk, New York, subregional library that outlines,
compares, and contrasts the service available from NLS
and RFB&D;

g.  offer a written response to the RFB&D article in the
spring 1997 issue of Interface or ask a regional or
subregional librarian member of ASCLA to write such a

h.  reconsider the definition of "active reader" to
increase use of the recorded library service from the
present minimum of one book per year.  (Passed unanimously)

NLS RESPONSE:  These issues will be addressed and reported
on at the national conference in Burlington, Vermont.

4.  That the director of the National Library Service for
the Blind and Physically Handicapped send letters
reinforcing the importance of attendance and/or
representation at national and regional network library
conferences to state librarians and administrators of
agencies supervising regional and subregional network
libraries.  (Passed unanimously)

NLS RESPONSE:  This will be done.


Chair:  Carol Taylor, Connecticut regional library

Secretary:  James Izatt, Massachusetts SRL

Treasurer:  Gordon Reddick, Connecticut regional library

National Advisory Group on Collection Building Activities:
Vicki Voight, Massachusetts regional library

National Audio Equipment Advisory Committee:  Richard
Riddell, Philadelphia regional library
Southern Conference
April 28-30, 1997
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Resolution 97-1

Whereas, George Kerscher, research fellow, Recording for the
Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D), delivered an excellent thought-
provoking presentation and glimpses into advanced
technologies and their use by the print-disabled community
in a digital age; and

Whereas, RFB&D generously made the appearance of Mr.
Kerscher possible, at no expense to the Southern Conference;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Southern Conference of
Librarians Serving the Blind and Physically Handicapped
(SCLBPH), assembled in Oklahoma City, April 30, 1997, thank
George Kerscher and RFB&D for their support and


Resolution 97-2

Whereas, the National Library Service (NLS) staff, led by
Carolyn Sung, and representatives of Data Management
Associates participated in the Joint Midlands/South
Conference program and enlightened all those present; and

Whereas, Dr. Judith Dixon gave all in attendance a better
understanding of Internet technology and its use by blind

Therefore, be it resolved that the SCLBPH thanks Carolyn
Sung and participating NLS staff members and associates for
their hard work, as well their willingness to listen and
respond to the concerns of conference attendees.

NLS RESPONSE:  Thank you.

Resolution 97-3

Whereas, Kay Briley and R. Greg Carlson willingly accepted
the responsibility for the development and publication of
the newsletter Risorgimento;

Therefore, be it resolved that the SCLBPH appreciates their
hard work, their support, and their editorial oversight and
encourages all members to supply Kay and Greg with
information and news for future quarterly issues.


Resolution 97-4

Whereas, Frederick Duda has dedicated many years of tireless
service to librarianship for the blind and physically
handicapped; and

Whereas, Fred has retired and moved to volunteer efforts at
the Southeast Guide Dogs and other organizations;

Therefore, be it resolved that SCLBPH extends to Fred our
best wishes and congratulations.


Resolution 97-5

Whereas, Geraldine Adams and the staff of the Oklahoma
regional library worked long and hard in preparation for
hosting the 1997 Joint Midlands/South Conference; and

Whereas, the facilities, receptions, performers, and tours
were excellent, entertaining, and enlightening;

Now, therefore be it resolved that the SCLBPH applauds and
thanks Geraldine Adams, her staff, and all others from her
parent agency involved in conference preparations, for their
efforts, support, and hospitality.


Resolution 97-6

Whereas, the Oklahomans for Special Library Services hosted
the Welcome Reception on April 27th and provided delicious
refreshments and wonderful entertainment, as well as an
educational experience by the young native American dances;

Therefore, be it resolved that the SCLBPH thanks the
Oklahomans for Special Library Services for giving Southern
Conference attendees a wonderful experience.


Resolution 97-7

Whereas, Guynell Williams has been our strong leader for two
terms, setting an example of professionalism and dedication
to work for the Southern Conference;

Therefore, be it resolved that SCLBPH thanks Guynell.


Resolution 97-8

Whereas, Joyce Smith has been an active and participating
member of SCLBPH for more than twenty years; and

Whereas, Joyce Smith has served as chair of SCLBPH, as
treasurer of SCLBPH, and as an SCLBPH representative on
various NLS advisory and ad hoc committees during her years
with SCLBPH; and

Whereas, Joyce Smith has dedicated herself, during an
exemplary library career, to the improvement and provision
of library services for persons with disabilities;

Therefore, be it resolved that SCLBPH applauds, thanks,
acknowledges, and grants lifetime membership to Joyce Smith,
not only for all she has done for SCLBPH, but for giving us
all an example of what active participatory membership truly


Resolution 97-9

Whereas, the Midlands Conference of LBPH invited the SCLBPH
to meet in joint session in Oklahoma City, April 27-30,
1997; and

Whereas, the programs, camaraderie, spirited interchanges,
and renewed friendships resulted in a long-to-be remembered

Therefore, be it resolved that SCLBPH thanks the Midlands
Conference and earnestly invites the Midlands librarians to
join the SCLBPH in Atlanta in 1999.  Y'all come!



Chair:  Dale Propp, Texas regional library

Vice Chair:  Michael Gunde, Florida regional library
Western Conference
May 11-14, 1997
Anchorage, Alaska


Resolution 1

Whereas, the Western Conference recognizes the necessity of
protecting all author's work from unauthorized use and to
assume they receive proper compensation for their work; and

Whereas, the Western Conference recognizes the large amount
of time and energy needed to pursue copyright clearance
prior to transcribing materials into alternative formats
nationally and regionally; and

Whereas, the Western Conference recognizes the savings,
financially and in personnel time, as a result of the
passage of the 1996 copyright law; and

Whereas, the Western Conference recognizes the time, effort,
and energy NLS, NFB, and consumer staff put into the passage
of the 1996 copyright law;

Be it resolved on this 14th day of May that NLS, NFB, ACB,
and consumer organizations be commended for the excellent
work that resulted in the passage of the 1996 copyright law.


Resolution 2

Whereas, Carolyn Sung, Steve Prine, Bob McDermott, and Judy
Dixon have shared their expertise in the areas of technology
and network support; and

Whereas, they have sincerely listened to the concerns of
network librarians in the Western Conference;

Be it resolved that NLS be commended for supporting
attendance of key NLS personnel at Western Conference


Resolution 3

Whereas, Steve Prine, Carolyn Sung, Karnell Perry, Judy
Dixon, and Bob McDermott, have represented the National
Library Service at the biennial meeting of the Western
Conference of Talking Book Librarians in Anchorage, Alaska,
May 1997; and

Whereas, these five NLS staff members have communicated and
interacted in a positive manner with the regional
librarians; and

Whereas, these five NLS staff members have been willing to
listen to our concerns, recommendations, and problems and
transit those issues to appropriate NLS staff;

Be it hereby resolved, that Steve Prine, Carolyn Sung, Judy
Dixon, Bob McDermott, and Karnell Perry be publicly thanked
for their work with the regional libraries in the West.

Enacted by the Western Conference of Talking Book Librarians
meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, this 14th day of May, 1997.


Resolution 4

Whereas, the Western Conference recognizes the important and
significant role of having excellent service from MSCW in
order to best serve clients; and

Whereas, the Western Conference recognizes that Karnell
Perry, Carolyn Sweeney, and staff continue to provide
excellent service through their work at Multistate Center

Be it resolved that Karnell, Carolyn, and staff be applauded
and commended for their commitment to excellence in serving
Western Conference Libraries.


Resolution 5

Whereas, the Western Conference recognizes the Kansas
regional and subregional librarians consistently attend the
Western conference meetings; and

Whereas, the Western Conference recognizes the Kansas
contingent expresses a higher degree of commonality of
issues with the Western Conference; and

Whereas, the Western Conference recognizes the Kansas
libraries are members of the Midlands Conference and must
split their attendance between two conferences in order to
meet their informational and conference commitments; and

Whereas, the Western Conference recognizes the importance of
collegiality, continuity, networking, and commonality if
issues at the biennial regional conference meetings;

Be it resolved on this 14th day of May, 1997, that the
Western Conference extends a heartfelt invitation for the
Kansas Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped to
become an official member of the Western Conference
effective with the 1998 National Conference.


Resolution 6

Whereas, Margaret Andrewes, Advocacy Coordinator of the
Canadian National Institute for the Blind, has made a
substantial contribution to the Western Conference of
Talking Book Librarians meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, May
1997; and

Whereas, Margaret has demonstrated a camaraderie with the
Western Conference libraries through intellectual, social,
and Terpsichordian skill;

Be it hereby resolved this 14th day of May, 1997, that
Margaret Andrewes be named an honorary member of the Western
Conference with all rights and privileges thereof.


Resolution 7

Western Conference encourages NLS to proceed with announced
plans to conduct a national planning forum focusing on
national library service to persons who are blind or

NLS RESPONSE:  Thank you.

Resolution 8

The Western Conference sincerely thanks Pat Meek and
Danielle Been for the warm invitation and welcome to the
great state of Alaska for our 1997 biennial meeting.  We
appreciate their gracious hospitality and excellent planning
that provided us with a spectacular location and well-
organized conference.  It was an incredible
experience...earthquake and all.


Resolution 9

Western Conference requests that NLS make contact with the
U.S. Postal Service at the federal level in order to
encourage them to educate their local delivery carriers on
the status of "Free Matter Mail" and emphasize that it
should be handled in a speedy manner.  It is often
considered as fourth-class mail by local carriers and gets
set aside especially at high traffic times, such as
holidays.  Rural states are also finding that carriers and
postmasters will not work with regional and subregional
libraries or clients in order to get mail back and forth in
a consistent manner.  This is most especially a problem with
rural and apartment cluster mail boxes for elderly and
severely handicapped clients.

NLS RESPONSE:  This will be addressed.

Resolution 10

Western Conference would like to reemphasize that NLS needs
to actively pursue discussion with CMLS regarding
improvements in the delivery of information to network

Western Conference strongly recommends NLS makes improvement
of CMLS a major priority over the next year.



Chair:  Keri Putnam, Nevada regional library

Vice Chair/Chair Elect:  Linda Montgomery, Arizona
regional library

Keri Putnam will be the Western Conference representative to
the National Audio Equipment Advisory Committee.

The site of the 1999 Western Conference will be Santa Fe,
New Mexico.  The tentative dates are May 2-5, 1999.
Regional Conferences
April-May 1997

1.  BIA had backlogs of 1,000 patrons waiting for machines,
and the wait was three to six months; now the backlog is
down to two hundred patrons and the wait is forty-five
days.  (Equipment Control Officer)

RESPONSE:  On June 5, BIA reported a waiting list of five
hundred.  NLS shipped six hundred C-1s and informed the
EMMC that BIA needs repair help.

2.  Patron requests that come to NLS on the 800-number(s)
are sent back to the libraries for action.  These should
be sent by e-mail to ensure quick response by the network
library.  (Publications and Media Section, Reference

RESPONSE:  An excellent suggestion.  NLS will investigate
procedures to implement this idea.

4.  Genre headings should be added to copy allotment card
information.  (Production Control Section)

RESPONSE: Copy allotment cards do contain the copy
allotment subject codes, a three-letter identifier of the
genre of the book.  It follows the label "CODE:" on the
lower right corner of the card.  Definitions of the codes
can be found in the Network Library Manual, section 6.3,
attachment 1.

5.  The introduction to Cassette Books 1996 says that it is
a compilation of all cassette titles in TBT in 1996.
However, a review of the annual catalog indicates that a
number of children's titles have not been included.  Is
this an oversight or done deliberately?  If the latter,
this should be stated in the introduction.  (Publications
and Media Section)

RESPONSE:  It doesn't say "all."  Children's titles are
listed in For Younger Readers.  However, we should
probably add the word "adult" to the introduction of
Cassette Books in the future.

6.  NLS should provide network libraries with replacement
covers (between keys and deck lid) for CBMs.  The cover
should be two ply with a space in the middle for the
regional library to insert their address and toll-free
telephone number.  (Materials Development Division)

RESPONSE:  Thank you for the suggestion.  We will refer
it to the next meeting of the National Audio Equipment
Advisory Committee.

7.  Many regional libraries are now sending CMLS
transactions on Monday for Wednesday deadline.  With the
Internet can these transactions now be held until Wednesday
or should they still be sent earlier?  (CMLS Coordinator)

RESPONSE:  This is still being reviewed, and the answer
will be distributed in a network bulletin.

8.  The labels currently used on RCs are too thin.
Previously, the regional library could remove the side and
end labels from a broken container and use them on
another container.  Now they are so thin they tear when
removed.  NLS should consider returning to the thicker
labels.  (Quality Assurance Section)

RESPONSE:  We will consider the request.  Our discussion
must include the primary requirement for container label
material: the ability to adhere to the plastic surface
during severe handling and under a variety of weather
conditions over an extended period of time.  The
availability of the material to meet this requirement
economically will also be important.

9.  The most recent posters produced with easels are too
thin, they break very easily.  (Publications and Media

RESPONSE:  NLS is aware of this problem and has informed
the Government Printing Office.

10.  NLS should consider adding subject headings to TBT and
BBR.  This would make them more useful to patrons.
(Publications and Media Section)

RESPONSE:  This has been considered, along with suggestions
to reorder entries by author or titles.  In the past,
patrons have told us (in a survey conducted some years ago)
they did not want the order rearranged.  It may be time to
reconsider this issue.

11.  The network should be informed of staff changes at NLS.
It is not easy for network staff to stay current with staff
changes at NLS.  This is a problem if they are calling to
speak to a specific individual who is no longer there.
(Office of the Director)

RESPONSE:  NLS will add its contact sheet to the NLS
homepage and update it as needed.

12.  NLS needs to make an official announcement regarding the
braille centralization project.  A number of libraries and
their administering agencies need to make long-range plans
regarding braille, but there is a reluctance to do so until
the braille centralization situation has been clarified.
(Office of the Director)

RESPONSE:  This will be done via a network bulletin.

13.  Can the MSCs or NLS e-mail network libraries the
inventory list of available supplies?  (Chief, Network

RESPONSE:  The consensus is that e-mailing the network
libraries the inventory list would be more cumbersome than
the current system.  Currently, stock reports are sent to
the libraries every month by the MSCs.  These reports
inform the libraries what is out of stock.  If more
current information is needed, the network libraries can
always telephone the MSCs.  We are in the process of
upgrading our inventory management system.  We will
consider the issue of stock reports in this effort.

14.  Can network still get E-1s?  Will NLS have more E-1s
made?  (Chief, Materials Development Division)

RESPONSE:  E-1s are still available to the network.  NLS
has a repair contract with Telex to ensure supply
availability.  There are no immediate plans to procure
E-1s due to cost.

15.  The following titles should be considered for reissue in
braille: BR 127 and BR 1216.  (Collection Development Section)

RESPONSE:  BR 127, The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic
Choir Book is outside the scope of the current general NLS
collection; the music collection at NLS contains The New
English Text Supplement to the St. Gregory Hymnal and
Catholic Choir Book.  Jane Eyre, BR 1216, was added again
as BR 10514.

16.  How should the network be doing magazine claims now
that the 73-112 is no longer available?  Can this be done
electronically?  (CMLS Coordinator)

RESPONSE:  The 73-112 form will be revised.  Meanwhile,
libraries can photocopy blank forms and use them for
claims.  The form is not available electronically, but will
be considered when NLS reviews the issue of sending other
forms electronically.

17.  NLS should provide information on disaster recovery for
network libraries.  (Materials Development Division)

RESPONSE:  This will be a subject for discussion at the
next NLS internal machine committee meeting.

18.  The machine warranty serial numbers should be updated
and issued in a Machines & Accessories report. (Materials
Development Division)

RESPONSE:  This is in process.  A Machines and Accessories
report is planned for this summer.

19.  NLS should explore using Americorps volunteers
throughout the network.  (Reference Section)

RESPONSE:  This will be investigated.

20.  NLS should make a greater effort to communicate to
educators and schools on the scope of the program and the
differences between services provided by RFB&D and NLS.
There is a need to counter RFB&Ds marketing and promotion
by some outreach by NLS to clarify the situation with
reading disabilities and the schools. (Chief, Network

RESPONSE:  We will explore new ways of communicating with

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