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NLS-REPORTS  July 1998



Network Bulletin 98-40


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Thu, 2 Jul 1998 17:11:37 -0400





text/plain (659 lines)

Network Bulletin No. 98-40

Date: July 2, 1998

Subject: National Conference of Librarians Serving Blind and
Physically Handicapped Individuals, 1998

Index term: Resolutions and NLS responses

Enclosed are the resolutions passed by the four regional
conferences at the 1998 Conference of Librarians Serving
Blind and Physically Handicapped Individuals and a list of
questions raised at the conference, together with responses
from NLS staff.

If you have questions in specific areas contact NLS.

For further information contact:
Carolyn Hoover Sung
Chief, Network Division


Resolutions and Responses

Librarians Serving Blind and Physically Handicapped
Individuals, May 7, 1998


May 7, 1998

Whereas, Frank Kurt Cylke, Ishmael Michael Moodie, and the
entire NLS staff team organized this outstanding biennial
BLPH Conference, and ensured the program content was
pertinent and relevant, and kept us happy and satisfied, and
took us on "roadie" trips, and entertained us, and fed us,
and fed us, and fed us,

Therefore be it resolved on this 7th day of the 5th month of
the 998th year of this millennium, that the Midlands
Conference thanks NLS for a lyrically Dickinsonian (as in
Emily) conference.

NLS Response:  Thank you.

MC 98-2
Whereas, Frank Woods, Jennifer Hart, and the entire four
person vast team at the Vermont LBPH have shown us a really
good time, and enlightened us about the beauty of Vermont,
and charmed us with their cordial entertainment, and
provided us with excellent "shopping-and-eating-till-you-
drop" opportunities in the environs of Church Street,

Therefore be it resolved on this 7th day of the 5th month of
the 998th year of this millennium, that the Midlands
Conference is most grateful to our host LBPH for their
gracious hospitality, and unanimously (well, maybe nearly
unanimously) endorse Lake Champlain as a "wanna-be" Great
Lake -- as long as it is understood that the Mississippi is
really the Missouri River !!

NLS Response:  NLS joins in the thanks to Frank Woods, et

MC 98-3
Whereas, Euclid Herie, Rosemary Kavanagh, the staff of CNIB,
its library, and the Institute Nazareth have participated
actively in this biennial LBPH Conference and contributed so
significantly with their presentation in and of Montreal,

Therefore be it resolved on this 7th day of the 5th month of
the 998th year of this millennium, that the Midlands
Conference is most grateful to our Canadian comrades for
their participation, and hospitality, and "Vive le Canada"!!

NLS Response:  Agree.

MC 98-4
Whereas, children are the future of this galaxy, and this
universe, and this earth, and this country, and the future
millennia, and the reading needs of children are of
tantamount importance to our collective future, and
children's literature is a specialty deserving significant
attention, and literacy of children eligible for LBPH
services is vital to their future success and independent

Therefore, be it resolved on this 7th day of the 5th month of
the 998th year of this millennium, that the Midlands
Conference requests again that NLS create a children's
specialist position to ensure that BPH children receive the
best possible library services nationwide by continuously
studying their needs, and the quality of their collection
(to steal from Garrison Keillor) -- so that their lives are
"above average."

NLS Response:  Please know that NLS  has already met this
need.  Patricia Steelman joined the Collection Development
Section staff in August 1997.  Her qualifications are as

Since receiving an M.L.S. from Simmons Graduate School of
Library and Information Science in 1968, Ms. Steelman has
worked in public, university, and school libraries selecting
books for adults, graduate and undergraduate students, young
adults, and children.  In response to your request that NLS
create a position for a person qualified to select
children's books, Patricia has been a librarian in three
different American international schools abroad for a
collective period of nine years.  She has served as a
librarian for students from kindergarten through the twelfth
grade, and has considerable experience in collection
development for multicultural school-age children as
indicated by her work record below.

1982-1984:  Elementary School Librarian.  Carol Morgan
School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Served 860 students in kindergarten-grade 6.  Conducted
story hours for K-2, and taught library skills for grades 3-
6, including units on fairy tales, poetry, and other genres.
Recatalogued the K-2 collection: grouping alphabet,
counting, and very easy books; beginning readers--simple
chapter books; and picture books.  In addition to the
regular budget, implemented a $20,000 grant to upgrade the
K-2 section.

1984-1986:  Volunteer Elementary Librarian.  Mantua
Elementary School, Virginia.

Assisted the librarian.  Conducted story hours at Fairhill
Elementary School.

1986-1990:  School Librarian.  Colegio Maya, Guatemala.

Served 410 students in kindergarten-grade 12.  Developed a
K-grade 6 storyhour and library instruction program,
including reading incentive projects.  Responsible for
collection development of books, periodicals, and audio-
visual materials.  Designed the K-2 story room.  Started a
Spanish language collection.

1990-1993:  Library for Middle and High School.
International School of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Served 350 students in grades 6-12 and served as advisor to
the elementary school librarian.  Heavily weeded the 12,000-
volume collection, reorganized the shelving, and
substantially upgraded the collection.  Conducted book talks
for all grade levels.

1993-1997:  Consultant to Elementary School Librarian at
Cairo University and Reference Librarian for American
University, Cairo, Egypt, serving mainly undergraduate

In addition to Ms. Steelman's responsibility to select books
for a wide range of age levels, she has had to consider the
needs of English-as-a-second-language (ESL) students and
multicultural populations.  She has also conducted
storyhours and given book talks, experience that provided
her with insight into children's preferences in reading.
Her years of selecting books using journals such as
Booklist, School Library Journal, and Horn Book and then
observing children's reactions to the books, gave her
additional background.  We believe that all of her previous
collection development work contributes to her
qualifications for her present position as a Senior
Selection Librarian with special emphasis on children's

MC 98-5
Whereas, readers of all ages and nationalities are making
commendable efforts to become literate (English), and these
readers need to have both sufficiently intriguing and
content rich books to keep their literary efforts high,

Therefore, be it resolved on this 7th day of the 5th month of
the 998th year of this millennium, that the Midlands
Conference requests greater efforts be made by NLS
Collection Development to select high interest/low reading
level materials suitable for all ages, and in all formats,
and cognizant of their relevance to readers of English as a
second language.

NLS Response:  The Collection Development Section continues
its commitment to providing a limted number of books to meet
this need.  We attempt to identify high interest/low
vocabulary books, grade 1 braille, and other material of
interest to specific ages, such as "for high school and
older readers," in the annotation.  Network libraries may
need to refer patrons to educational sources or literacy
programs for assistance in meeting a high demand for
appropriate materials for ESL and beginning readers.
Recorded books do not appear to fulfill this function.
Please review our responses to requests for similar material
generated by the National Advisory Group on Collection
Building Activities in recent years.

MC 98-6
The Midlands Conference recommends that NLS develop posters
and other public relations materials that portray people
with print disabilities in a business environment using NLS
provided equipment and books on tape or in braille.  This
will assist regional libraries in programs such as school to
work and lifelong learning.  In addition, this will make NLS
displays more effective at conferences geared towards adult

NLS Response:  As announced at the national conference, NLS
will develop a new series of images depicting patrons.
These images will be used for posters and related public
awareness materials.  NLS solicits network library
suggestions for these images as plans are developed.  The
above suggestions will be included in the planning process.


May 7, 1998

NC 98-1
The Northern Conference commends the National Library
Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped for its
desire to make general (i.e., non-disability related)
reference services available in accessible formats to
individuals who are blind or physically handicapped.
However, the Northern Conference believes that it is in the
best interest of society for all libraries that provide
reference services -- be they public, academic, school,
state, special, LBPH or the Library of Congress -- to
provide those services to all of their users, in accessible
formats if necessary, as is required by the Americans with
Disabilities Act.

Therefore, the Northern Conference recommends that NLS
consider mechanisms to support and back-up other libraries'
abilities to provide information in accessible formats
rather than to offer general reference services directly to

NLS Response:  Noted!  NLS staff are currently developing
a Library of Congress approach and will keep the
recommendation in mind while they consider all appropriate

NC 98-2
The Northern Conference commends Brad Kormann and NLS for
making the policy decisions to reduce the warranty period
for new machines in order to increase the number of machines
in production.

NLS Response:  Thank you.

NC 98-3
The Northern Conference wishes to commend Devon Skeele and
NLS for the excellent pre-conference Reader Advisor Workshop
presentations and materials.  It is hoped that a similar
presentation can be made as a part of the Northern
Conference to be held April 28-30, 1999, in Connecticut, to
allow more library staff to attend and benefit from the

NLS Response:  Thank you.  A Northern Conference
presentation will be considered.

NC 98-4
The Northern Conference wishes to express its appreciation
for a well-planned, information-filled conference.  We want
to thank all NLS staff for their participation in this
effort and specifically commend Michael Moodie, George
Thuronyi, and Alice Freeman for their time and talents in
preparing all conference materials and facilitating all
conference activities.

NLS Response:  Thank you.

NC 98-5
The Northern Conference wishes to thank Frank Woods and his
Vermont Regional Library staff for helping to make this
National Conference a success.

NLS Response:  Agree.


May 7, 1998

SC 98-1
Whereas, Michael Moodie, Conference Coordinator and Research
and Development Officer for the National Library Service
(NLS), has worked diligently to organize a National
Conference that promotes the exchange of information and
discussion of ideas integral to the growth of the National
Library Service Network, and

Whereas, many NLS staff members have made every effort to
participate in programs and to be available to conference

Therefore, be it resolved that the Southern Conference of
Librarians for the Blind and Physically Handicapped commends
Mr. Moodie, Mr. Frank Kurt Cylke, and their colleagues at
NLS for an excellent 1998 National Conference.

NLS Response:  Thank you.

SC 98-2
Whereas, the staff of the Vermont Regional Library, the
National Library Service (NLS), and the Canadian National
Institute for the Blind (CNIB) have worked together to
provide an impressive range of programs and activities for
conference attendees, and whereas the staff of CNIB shared
their vision of a "virtual library" for Canadian patrons in
Montreal, and

Whereas, staff of the Vermont Regional Library graciously
accommodated requests for visits and tours of their

Therefore, be it resolved that the Southern Conference of
Librarians for the Blind and Physically Handicapped commends
these entities and thanks them for their wonderful

NLS Response:  Agree.

SC 98-3
Whereas, the National Library Service (NLS) has demonstrated
a commitment to timely, efficient dissemination of
information to both patrons and network libraries via the
Internet, and

Whereas, NLS has continued to develop its Web site and make
additional information, such as copy allotment and
downloadable bibliographic data, available electronically,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Southern Conference of
Librarians for the Blind and Physically Handicapped commends
NLS and awaits further enhancements as they become possible.

NLS Response:  Thank you.  Stay tuned.

SC 98-4
Whereas, the National Library Service (NLS) has worked to
provide more information electronically, and

Whereas, both patrons and network library staff have come to
rely on the information available via BPHP, BPHI, and Web-

Therefore, be it resolved that the Southern Conference of
Librarians for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
recommends that the records in BPHP, and Web-BLND be updated
on a monthly basis, or more frequently if feasible.

NLS Response:  NLS will incorporate this suggestion, if
feasible, into the design of its new cataloging system.

SC 98-5
Whereas, co-editors R. Greg Carlson and Kay Briley have
shared the responsibility for writing and publishing
Risorgimento:  Newsletter of the Southern Conference of
Librarians for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, and

Whereas, they have done so with admirable creativity and

Therefore, be it resolved that the Southern Conference of
Librarians for the Blind and Physically Handicapped commends
both Kay and Greg and thanks them for their efforts and
willingness to continue as co-editors for this publication.

NLS Response:  Agree.

SC 98-6
Whereas, Devon Skeele, Network Consultant, and her
colleagues at the National Library Service (NLS) prepared
and presented an informative, full-day preconference on
reader advisor issues on Saturday,  May 2, 1998,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Southern Conference of
Librarians for the Blind and Physically Handicapped commends
Ms. Skeele and NLS for focusing attention on improving
service to patrons while making available a venue for reader
advisors and other network library staff to work and learn
together at a National Conference.

NLS Response:  Agree.

SC 98-7
Whereas, the information shared by Michael Moodie about the
NISO Digital Talking Book Standard, and the information
shared by George Kerscher, DAISY Project Manager, on the
development of the Digital Audio Information System, was
incredibly valuable and would be of interest to many persons
affiliated with network libraries and their personnel
throughout the nation,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Southern Conference of
Librarians for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
recommends that both individuals make transcripts of their
presentations available in print and other formats so that
these exciting developments may be shared with those who
could not attend the National Conference.

NLS Response:  Michael Moodie's presentation is included, in
a slightly modified form, in the document "Digital Talking
Books:  Planning for the Future" that will be distributed to
the network in July.  George Kerscher does not have a
written version of his presentation.  Interested persons
will be referred to the DAISY website, where
there is a wealth of information about DAISY projects.

SC 98-8
Whereas, Janet Wright has worked for more than two decades
at the Savannah and Athens Talking Book Centers in Georgia
to provide service to patrons who cannot use standard print
reading materials, and

Whereas, she capably served as Chair of the Southern
Conference from 1987 to 1989,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Southern Conference of
Librarians for the Blind and Physically Handicapped commends
Ms. Wright for her service, wishes her well in her
retirement, and extends to her life membership in the
Southern Conference.

NLS Response:  Agree, with best wishes.

SC 98-9
Whereas the National Library Service (NLS) has made strides
in meeting goals to make direct magazines available to
patrons in cassette format, and

Whereas, NLS currently plans to increase the number of
magazine titles available on cassette, a medium that is
portable, convenient, and generally preferred by patrons,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Southern Conference of
Librarians for the Blind and Physically Handicapped commends
NLS on the progress to date and urges the continuation of
the conversion of magazine titles to the cassette format as
funding and other factors permit.

NLS Response:  Agree.

SC 98-10
Whereas, the National Library Service (NLS) has made direct
juvenile and foreign language magazine subscriptions
available to patrons in cassette format, and

Whereas,  NLS plans to begin conversion of adult English-
language magazine titles to the cassette format,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Southern Conference of
Librarians for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
recommends that NLS select a popular magazine title (i.e.,
U.S. News and World Report) and expedite its availability on
cassette, even if limitations are initially placed on the
number of subscriptions available such that subscriptions
are allotted on a ratio of readers per library and the title
continues to be offered in flexible disc format to ensure
its overall availability.

NLS Response:  NLS will offer at least one of the most
popular magazines on cassette in 1999.

SC 98-11
Whereas, Mike Everett and Data Management Associations (DMA)
have proactively initiated the development of the CMLS
Database Inquiry System, and

Whereas, availability of such a system would dramatically
improve access to CMLS information for staff of network
libraries, and

Whereas, Mr. Everett presented a "proof of concept" version
of this system to conference attendees,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Southern Conference of
Librarians for the Blind and Physically Handicapped heartily
commends Mr. Everett and his staff for the commitment to,
and continued development of, CMLS and encourages further
attention to this project so that libraries can put this
system to practical use in the near future.

NLS Response:  Agree.  This will be pursued.


May 7, 1998

WC 98-1
Whereas, the National Library Service in past conferences
has been asked to have a children's collection development
staff member, and as of May 7, 1998, this has not occurred;

We, the Western Conference, again emphasize this need and
request that NLS seriously consider hiring a children's
services specialist to support this need throughout the

NLS Response:  Noted.  See response to MC 98-4.

WC 98-2
Whereas, NLS has continued to value and request
participation of network representatives on NLS committees,
and for many the burden of out-of-pocket expenses excluded
them from such participation, and;

Whereas, network libraries requested that NLS replace the
process of reimbursement with pre-payment of lodging and
airfare for committee members, and;

Whereas, NLS listened to and responded favorably to this

Be it resolved May 7, 1998, that the Western Conference
commends NLS for their responsiveness which has made it
possible for more of our colleagues to participate in these
important cooperative processes.

NLS Response:  Thank you.

WC 98-3
The Western Conference recommends an advisory team be
modeled similar to the CMLS Advisory Team to study the
feasibility of subject code standardization.  The team
should consist of NLS staff and members from the different
automation systems in use throughout the network.

NLS Response:  NLS plans on seeking feedback from the
network on the purpose and scope of subject standardization
as perceived by the libraries.  We will then consider
forming a committee.

WC 98-4
Members of the Western Conference are pleased to
congratulate our esteemed colleague Gerald Buttars on his
Joseph Campbell award.  Gerry has served the blind community
for 32 years with enthusiasm, creativity and with joyful
pleasure.  This award culminates a lifelong commitment to
service.  Way to go Gerry and go Jazz!

NLS Response:  Agree.

WC 98-5
Whereas, the Western Conference is a tightly bound group of
fun-loving librarians and library professionals, and;

Whereas, the loss or gain of any members of our bawdy band
greatly affects our collegial presence at the National
Conference, and;

Whereas, our colleagues in New Mexico, John Brewster and
Jerry Packard, are moving their library to a new location
this week and were greatly missed, and;

Whereas, our colleague in Alaska, Pat Meek, is ice-bound due
to budgetary constraints and we send our sincere wishes that
she will rejoin us next year, and;

Whereas, our colleague from Montana, Sandra Jarvie, retired
from LBPH service in January 1998 and we congratulate her
for outstanding service to BPH clients, and;

Whereas, we welcome Christie Briggs, the new Montana Talking
Book Supervisor, and;

Whereas, our colleagues from Kansas immigrated to the
Western Conference as of January 1998 and are wholeheartedly
welcomed in this new alliance with the West, and;

Whereas the Western Conference congratulates Mary Mohr on
her professional step up the BPH ladder to NLS Consultant
after defecting from Oregon and the West in December 1997,

Whereas we welcome Donna Benson from New Jersey who will
join our Oregon Regional Library effective June 1998, and;

Whereas, the Western Conference will hold no grudges for
Mary's abandoning our region for the Midlands and South, and
the Western Conference is thoroughly pleased Mary will
continue her dedicated service through NLS so that all
network libraries will benefit from her expertise;

Be it resolved May 7, 1998, that the Western tribe has made
their wild, wild presence known in this state of Vermont
despite the many staff changes and moves within our region.

NLS Response:  Noted.

WC 98-6
Maple syrup, clean air, Ben & Jerry's, Shelburne Museum,
green rolling hills, sunsets on Lake Champlain and friendly
people -- Vermont, you've shared your treasure with us.
Thank you for the hospitality and lakefront scenery enjoyed
by all of the Western Conference librarians.

NLS Response:  Agree.

WC 98-7
Whereas, Michael Moodie, George Thuronyi, and Alice Freeman
diligently planned and organized the 1998 NLS national
Conference in Burlington, Vermont, and;

Whereas, the hours of dedicated work is evident in the
seemingly flawless operation during the conference, and;

Whereas, the presence of and contact with all NLS staff is
of great value to our level of understanding;

Be it resolved May 7, 1998, that the Western Conference
gives their heartfelt and sincere thanks for the effort,
work, and thought put forth by all NLS staff who contributed
to the success of this conference.

NLS Response:  Noted.

WC 98-8
Whereas, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind had
Margaret Anderson and co-workers prepare an excellent
presentation of the CNIB program, and;

Whereas Rosemary Kavanaugh and Victoria Owen with the
support of Geraldine Hyland hosted the NLS Conference
attendees in Montreal for this presentation;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Western Conference of NLS
congratulates our aforementioned colleagues on an
outstanding presentation and express our thanks for your

NLS Response:  Agree.

WC 98-9
Whereas the Western Regional Conference in Spring of 1999
will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico;

Be it resolved that the Western Conference extends an
invitation to all network libraries to join us at our
gathering in the Southwest.

NLS Response:  Noted.

WC 98-10
The Western Conference would like to extend our gracious
invitation to the entire network for the next national
conference to be held at a site west of the Rockies.  We
offer Seattle and Reno as delightful, scenic and historical
venues.  Come on out, you all!

NLS Response:  Noted.

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