Happy New Year everyone!!!
We are starting off the new year with the application for the Y2000
program.  Alums are encouraged to share this announcement around.  Folks
here will be sending to education and library listservs, but with your
help, we'll reach a broader group of educators who might like to come to DC
in July.

Hope everything is going well for everyone,

                 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

American Memory Fellows Program

The American Memory Fellows Program is an exciting
opportunity for outstanding teachers, librarians, and
media specialists to work with the Library of
Congress in better understanding how
primary sources can enrich grades 4-12 curricula.
This is a yearlong professional development
opportunity, the cornerstone of which is the summer
institute, held this year in Washington, DC, at the
Library of Congress, in two sessions:  July 16-21 or
July 23-28, 2000.

The American Memory Fellows Institute

The American Memory Fellows Institute sponsors 24 two-
person-teams of exemplary grade 4-12 educators to
come to Washington for a summer institute. Each six-
day session will accommodate 12 teams of 24 Fellows.
Teams will not attend both sessions; however, to be
eligible to apply, teams must be available for both
sessions.  To apply, use the application found on-
line at

Applications must be postmarked by February 28, 2000.
During the 6-day institute, Fellows will work with
Library of Congress staff and consultants, examine
both actual and virtual primary source artifacts -
photographs, maps, graphic arts, video, documents,
and texts - plus learn strategies for working with
these electronic primary source materials, and
develop sample teaching materials that draw upon the
American Memory online materials.

The Fellowship Year

Following the Institute, Fellows will continue to
develop, refine, and 'road test' their teaching
materials with other colleagues and students.  These
teacher-created materials are then edited for
presentation on the Library of Congress Learning Page
at Throughout the
school year, Fellows participate in on-line
discussion groups as this process evolves.  American
Memory Fellows, as mentors to their professions, are
also asked to share their knowledge with other
colleagues throughout the nation at workshops and
seminars, or in writing.

Selection Criteria:

The Library is seeking applications from 2-member
teams of humanities teachers, librarians, and media
specialists who:

*Have frequent access to and a high level of comfort using
 the World Wide Web, e-mail and other technologies;

*Have experience using primary sources to motivate
students, promote critical thinking, and help
students connect history to their own lives;

*Are active leaders in their fields, and/or have the
ability to disseminate their expertise to teachers
and/or librarians in their community and region;

*Work with student populations that are diverse (e.g.
by region, income, race and ethnicity, language,
disability, etc.).

If you meet these criteria, please print out and
complete our online application at You
may make copies of the application for interested
colleagues. Remember, applications must be postmarked
by February 28, 2000.   (No email, fax or disk-based
applications, please.)  Notification letters to all
applicants will be mailed the week of April 24, 2000.