Hi fellow Fellows,

I hope this is okay to post on this list.  I'm writing a proposal for next
fall's NCSS convention in San Antonio.  While I've been a member for many
years I've never attended a convention as they are always at the same time
as NCTE.  However, my book/CD on primary sources for Heinemann is
(hopefully, if all goes well!) coming out then so I figured it would be a
good idea to do a session on primary sources as a sort of book launch.  My
plan is to do a 55 minute session, but I have one problem - a chair.  The
only people I know who regularly attend NCTE are a couple of colleagues
and you folks!  So I wondered if there was anyone who is planning to go,
knows my work a bit (from our American Memory time together), and would be
interested in being a chair for this session.  Email me directly if so.

The book includes a chapter on my American Memory project. I've also found
many of our conversations online and at the different Institutes on
primary sources as well as resources many of you suggested very helpful.
In fact, I think the reason I finally decided to do the project (when it
was first suggested to me I wasn't terribly interested) was that you all
got me so stimulated about primary sources in teaching.

Thanks so much,


Monica Edinger
The Dalton School
New York NY
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