This seems to be the original press release about the program.

Program is called "Teach to the Future."

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>Attention Fellows in California, Arizona, Oregon, and Texas,
>I saw the announcement below on a listserv and found the Intel website with
>contact information at
>  The contact
>people are all located in universities/school districts and email addresses
>are given.  Couldn't find out more about the program on this site (it's for
>press releases), but email to the contact people might lead to something.....
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>>>From the Arizona Republic.. -ac
>>Intel to help teachers tackle technology
>>"Hoping to make the Internet come alive in classrooms from Tempe to Tokyo,
>>Intel will spend $100 million to help teachers harness computer
>>technology.  The three-year program announced Wednesday is being called
>>the largest such private industry effort to date. Intel points to a study
>>that says 80 percent of teachers nationwide don't feel comfortable
>>integrating computers into their lesson plans...."
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