Dear BIBCO participants:

This is an invitation to all BIBCO institutions to contribute
subject heading proposals to the SACO program via a newly developed
web proposal form which can be found at:

The use of this form is NOT mandatory.

Libraries that have SACO workflows in place, such that the use of
this form would make those procedures less efficient, are encouraged
to continue to maintain their current workflows.

It is expected that this web form will expedite the input of
subject heading proposals at LC. Currently, all SACO proposals
must be re-keyed upon receipt.  This form is programed to allow
input into LC's database without rekeying, thus, eliminating one
step in the process.  Proposals sent through the web should reach
the subject editorial review more quickly and subsequently, be
available for distribution in a more timely manner.

This form is currently available only to BIBCO participants or by
invitation.  The efficiency of the form will be assessed and a
decision as to its future use will be announced at ALA Annual conference
in July 2000.

Questions, suggestions for improvements, etc. should be sent to:

Ana Cristán
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