Thanks, Helena.  It seemed like taking the bull by the horns was the only way to get this done.  Let there be no dust!

The issue of the reconfiguration of the EADWG is very much on my mind--many thorny issues to be resolved.  I'm more or less assuming that you'll want to opt out at this point since you have such a full plate?  I had a long talk with Janice before the holidays, and she has decided to "resign," although I warned her that she is on my list of knowledgeable consultants when the need arises, and also reassured her that whenever the WG meets in DC, she's invited to dinner, as you would be (on both counts).  We'll keep Randy on the WG, of course, so there will continue to be LC representation.  If you feel strongly that you'd like to stay on the WG, we'll be happy to have you.

Are you still embroiled in ILS implementation issues, or are you back at home in P&P?  We're gearing up for the Texas version of the Online Archive of California, much of the work for which is falling in my lap.  This falls into the category of being careful what you ask for!  Jackie is coming next week for a little visit before we head down to San Antonio for ALA Midwinter, which will be a pleasant diversion.

All best to you,

At 05:46 PM 12/23/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Kris:  I've been meaning to mention for months that your efforts to
>get the tag library online were very much appreciated.  This is the
>sort of thing that often gets lost in the dust after a publication
>venture.    == Happy New Year,  Helena
>>>> Kris Kiesling <[log in to unmask]> 10/22 11:38 AM >>>
>I'm delighted to announce that Version 1.0 of the EAD Tag Library is
>available at the official Library of Congress EAD Web site.  You can
>get there
>directly at or through the EAD home
>page at
>Many thanks to Chelsea Jones, Archivist here at the Ransom Center,
>for doing
>the markup, to Randy Barry at LC for mounting the files, and to the
>Development/MARC Standards Office at LC for their continuing support
>of the EAD
>home page!
>Kris Kiesling
>Chair, SAA EAD Working Group
>Chair, SAA Standards Committee
>Head, Department of Manuscripts and Archives
>Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
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