Dear Hans-Jörg,

Having a great interest for EAD, I would like to participate to your user
Here are my details :

Wanda Muller

email address:
[log in to unmask]

Profession/ area of research:
information specialist

Thanks in advance for adding me to your user list.

Wanda Muller
Geneva - Switzerland

Hans-Jörg Lieder wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> you may be aware that the EU-project MALVINE (Manuscripts and Letters
> Via Integrated Networks in Europe) is currently developing a search
> engine for European databases of manuscript material. Information may be
> found at the project's homepage (
> Of special interest to the EAD society, is that EAD is used as common
> exchanging format whenever a conversion of catalogue is necessary.
> However, this is hidden for the user, but might be interesting from a
> more technical point of view.
> After the first year of the project a first version of this search
> engine is now available. During this year the search engine will be
> improved with the help of user tests. In order to reach a variety of
> test users with various professional backgrounds we would like to ask
> you to volunteer as a MALVINE test user. Becoming a test user is very
> easy, the MALVINE consortium only needs the following information:
> - Name
> - e-mail address
> - institution (if applicable)
> - profession/ area of research.
> Having received this information the MALVINE consortium will get in
> touch with you as soon as the check lists for the user tests are
> available (around late January/early February). We will advise you then
> about all relevant details of the tests.
> The user tests will be very easy to perform and won't take much of your
> time.
> Thank you very much for your interest in MALVINE and your cooperation.
> For the MALVINE consortium
> Hans-Joerg Lieder