Please add my name to your list of MALVINE test users.

Name: John Howitt
E-mail: [log in to unmask] 
Institution: City of Toronto Archives (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Research Area: Digitization of Collections

Thanks for the opportunity.

John Howitt

>>> Hans-Jörg Lieder             <[log in to unmask]> 01/10/00 08:30am >>>
Dear colleagues,

you may be aware that the EU-project MALVINE (Manuscripts and Letters
Via Integrated Networks in Europe) is currently developing a search
engine for European databases of manuscript material. Information may be
found at the project's homepage (

Of special interest to the EAD society, is that EAD is used as common
exchanging format whenever a conversion of catalogue is necessary.
However, this is hidden for the user, but might be interesting from a
more technical point of view.

After the first year of the project a first version of this search
engine is now available. During this year the search engine will be
improved with the help of user tests. In order to reach a variety of
test users with various professional backgrounds we would like to ask
you to volunteer as a MALVINE test user. Becoming a test user is very
easy, the MALVINE consortium only needs the following information:

- Name
- e-mail address
- institution (if applicable)
- profession/ area of research.

Having received this information the MALVINE consortium will get in
touch with you as soon as the check lists for the user tests are
available (around late January/early February). We will advise you then
about all relevant details of the tests.

The user tests will be very easy to perform and won't take much of your

Thank you very much for your interest in MALVINE and your cooperation.

For the MALVINE consortium
Hans-Joerg Lieder