Rebecca and colleagues,

I'm finding it difficult to respond to the question of having the archives
available because we have so little experience with the operation of the
committee via the list.  I know (based on my experience with other lists)
that having the archives available via the Web will be VERY useful and will
eliminate the need for each of us to keep copies of all the various
proposals.  I think (based on the meeting last week) that, as we deal with
the proposals that will come to us, we're unlikely to comment on them in
ways that would embarrass us if the comments were public (i.e. none of us is
going to say "that's the stupidest idea I've ever heard of").

The remaining question in my mind is whether having our votes on proposals
(that is, our individual votes associated with our names) be public is of
any concern?


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To ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee:

I mentioned at our meeting that we could make the archives of this list
available so that we can go back and review previous discussions.  This is
done by using a Web interface to the messages that are archived monthly by
the Listserv software. It would allow you to browse the message by month.
For an example see:

However, the software does not allow for the archives to be restricted,
other than restricting it to Library of Congress users, which obviously
won't work for our list. We can sort of hide the archives by not linking
to the files from elsewhere or giving out the URL, but anyone could find
out the URL if they wanted to and then access them.  So the question is:
Do you want these archives available to the committee even though anyone
potentially can see them?

I suppose the biggest issue is discussion on specific proposals and
voting.  I would like to get some feedback from our committee, so please
respond to this message.

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