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> To ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee:
> I mentioned at our meeting that we could make the archives of this list
> available so that we can go back and review previous discussions.  This is
> done by using a Web interface to the messages that are archived monthly by
> the Listserv software. It would allow you to browse the message by month.
> For an example see:
> However, the software does not allow for the archives to be restricted,
> other than restricting it to Library of Congress users, which obviously
> won't work for our list. We can sort of hide the archives by not linking
> to the files from elsewhere or giving out the URL, but anyone could find
> out the URL if they wanted to and then access them.  So the question is:
> Do you want these archives available to the committee even though anyone
> potentially can see them?

I think so. It will be a useful record. If we have problems with
others accessing it, the URL could be changed.

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