Dear all,

Thank you for a very good meeting in Washinton DC!

I am starting to do the job that I promised at the meeting. There are five
items that were included in 639-1 at the meeting, or that were included
before, but with identifiers that should be changed (all these items were
NOT in 639:1988, so technically these changes don't cause any formal

I will here propose five identifiers. I would suggest that all voting
members respond on the list to this by replying to this message and stating
"yes to all", or whatever each finds desireable.

Avestan : ae : Identifier in 639-2: ave. Proposal in 639-1 DIS: fv (in annex
C). New proposal: ae. It is an ancient Iranian language with much

Herero : hz : Identifier in 639-2: her. Proposal in 639-1 DIS: oh. This
proposal was based on the indigenous name "otshiherero". However, JAC
decided that prefixes of this nature will not be used for a basis of
assigning identifiers. All the identifiers "he", "hr", and "ho" are taken,
and my new proposal is: hz.

Kwanyama / Kuanyama : kj : Identifier in 639-2: kua. Proposal in 639-1 DIS:
ok. Indigenous name "oshikwanyama". Same reason for change as above. All the
identifiers "ku", "kw", "ka", "kn", "ky", and "km" are taken, and my new
proposal is: kj.

Ndonga : ng : Identifier in 639-2: ndo. Proposal in 639-1 DIS: on.
Indigenous name "oshindonga". Same reason for change as above. Both "nd" and
"no" are taken. New proposal: ng.

Ndebele : In 639-1 DIS there is one item "Ndebele" (identifier nd). In
639-2, however, there are two items, "South Ndebele" (identifier nbl), and
"North Ndebele" (identifier nde). 639:1988 does not contain any of these
items. JAC decided to split into two even in 639-1, since there are good
linguistic reasons not to keep them as one entry. It was decided:

North Ndebele : nd : This language gets the identifier that was previously
proposed for the generic item in 639-1 DIS.

South Ndebele : nr : Identifier in 639-2: nbl. All identifiers "nd", "ne",
"nb", and "nl" are taken. One possibility might be "ns". However, as pointed
out by Mr John Clews, a variant of the name in South Ndebele is "Nrebele".
My new proposal is therefore: nr.

Best regards,
Håvard Hjulstad

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