You said...

Most NACO libraries have made a decision not to report BFM to
the utilities for headings on existing records in the utility databases
that need to be changed when a new authority record is created or an
existing one is changed (this is not required, the only requirement is
that LC be notified of BFM needed in its database).

My reply:

Perhaps many of you are less tied to paper than we are... but since
we have a printout, the cataloger simply writes "LC BFM" or "OCLC
BFM" and it takes a few short minutes to report all of them. I
usually choose my winding down time on Friday pm and do those for
that week. There is really no reason I have to do this but so far it
hasn't taken long enough for me to delegate. Certainly a
library creating more authority records might want to delegate this

Mary Charles

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