REPLY TO 02/02/00 06:02 FROM [log in to unmask] "Program for Cooperative
Cataloging": Re: Use of field 680

From: Ed Glazier, Research Libraries Group
Subj: 667 vs. 680

I think there is merit in having fields defined for public and
non-public notes.  I would not like to see authority records
containing end-user data in 667 and configuring systems to display
this information to get around the fact that LC, and therefore, NACO
participants are not supposed to use 680.

What sort of information would belong in a national authority record
in either of these fields, as distinct from what belongs in a local
system display?  Please be careful about attempts to redefine MARC21
authority fields and their use. Perhaps the non-use of 680 could be
a topic of discussion for NACO participants.  As an example, there
might be agreement that it could be input with a $5 although LC does
not use this data.

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