Hello all,

In a conversation I'm having with an ACRL committee member, the notion has been raised of being able to display to the public information that usually goes in a 667 in NACO records.

Notes of the sort: 
        100 1_ Blow, Jane, $d d. 1867
        667 __ Widow of Joseph Blow (d. 1845)

667s are by definition nonpublic notes that give some sort of general information about the 1xx whereas 680s are the public counterpart.

My questions to you all is how many of you would like to display this sort of information to your publics? And secondly, seeing that LC does not use the field and requires NACO libraries not to as well, is there any potential to change that, if that is desired by the NACO community?


--Elizabeth A. Robinson
  Principal Rare Book Cataloger
  Huntington Library
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