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The National Defense University Library is searching for a Cataloger to be
part of a "state of the art" information service providing access to
resources in all formats.  This position is a challenging one of integrating
websites, online documents, audio-visual materials, electronic journals,
books, rare books and  personal collections, and realia into a database
providing coherent access to materials supporting the mission of the
The National Defense University Library is located in George C. Marshall
Hall on Ft McNair, Washington DC.  From the windows of Technical Services,
one can look to the Washington Monument, the US Capitol and the Library of
Congress for inspiration.   A perk, to say the least, the beautiful setting
of Ft. McNair also offers free and secure parking.
The Library's collections consist of  more than 500,000 bound volumes,
pamphlets, periodicals, A-V materials, microforms, and government documents,
and classified documents.  The library is a readily available source of
information on the theory and conduct of national security affairs,
international relations, management, and mobilization of resources.

The Library is organized into Technical Services, Research and Information
Services, Special Collections, Archives and History, Collection Development
and Systems; all work under the guidance of the Library Director.

The book collection emphasizes history and the social sciences, management,
and military art and science.  The Library's Special Collections, Archives,
and History Branch is the repository for personal papers, rare books,
academic history materials, student papers, historical photographs, maps,
prints, and artifacts. The manuscript collection contains primarily the
personal papers of twentieth-century military leaders, with emphasis on
those of former Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The collection of 1,400 current periodicals is complemented by access to
over 4,000 electronic journals.  Five multidisciplinary online search
services are available by contacting Research and Information Services

As a participant in OCLC's CORC (Cooperative Online Resource Cataloging)
research project, NDU Library offers the opportunity to stay on the front
lines of metadata and resource description application in libraries.  The
digitizing of resources in Special Collections and Archives and the
application of metadata to the database provides another challenging
opportunity for catalogers.

The Department of the Army Job Opportunity Announcement

 Vacancy Announcement No.: NC1404-00-MY
 Opening Date:          March 22, 2000
 Closing Date           April 12,2000
 Position Title  (Pay Plan-Series):  Librarian (GS-1410)  Grade: 11
 Full Performance Grade: 11

 Salary:  $42,724 to $55,541 per annum
 Region: National Capital Region
 Organization:  National Defense University
 Duty Station:  Ft. McNair


Performs original cataloging in machine-readable format (MARC) for complex
materials requiring interpretation and judgment based on a thorough
knowledge of the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (latest ed.), Library of
Congress (LC) Subject Headings and LC Classification. Serves as a subject
area specialist in the following areas: Government Documents, Special
Collections, electronic products, general collection in support of the
curriculum and the classified document collection. Sets precedents for
cataloging in emerging areas of Internet/World-Wide Web information access.
Adjusts library's cataloging procedures to meet the rapidly changing demands
of access to electronic information.

Full text of the announcement is available at and
National Defense University educates military and civilian leaders through
teaching, research, and outreach in national security strategy, national
military strategy, and national resource strategy; joint and multinational
operations; information strategies, operations, and resource management;
acquisition; and hemispheric defense studies. (