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 Subject:       Recycling CD-ROM discs

> FREE Recycling Services for obsolete  CD-ROM discs 
> You can help protect the environment by recycle your old CD-ROMs discs

> If you have old CD-ROM discs you want to dispose of, you may ship them to
> one of two recycling centers.  Recycling services are provided free of
> charge. The CD-ROMs are processed for re-use.... they're not disposed of
> in a land fill or stored in some warehouse. The CD-ROMs are ground up and
> used as recycled plastic.
> Unclassified CD-ROMs are processed by NE-SAR Systems.
> Classified  (SECRET and below) CD-ROMs are processed by the National
> Security Agency (NSA).
> The following instructions are provided for recycling services:
> 1.  DO NOT MIX unclassified and classified CD-ROMs for recycling services.
>       a.  Unclassified CDs ship to NE-SAR Systems
>       b.  Classified CDs ship to National Security Agency
> 2.  CD-ROMs are to be shipped loose without sleeves or cases (paper,
> cardboard or plastic).
> 3.  Shipping weight per carton of CD-ROMs should not exceed fifty (50)
> pounds.
> 4.  Scratch the surfaces of CD-ROM with a knife or nail.
> 5.  Classified (Secret and below) CD-ROMs must be shipped Registered Mail.
> 6.  Mark the outside of each box with "Recycle Contents: CD-ROM Discs".
> Ship Unclassified CD-ROMs to:
> Ne-Sar Systems
> Attn: CD recycling Services
> 420 Ashwood Rd
> Darlington, PA 16115-2910
> Phone: (724) 827-8172
> Ship Classified CD-ROMs to:
> National Security Agency
> Attn: CMC Degaussing
> Suite 6875
> 9800 Savage Road
> Ft. George Meade, MD 20755-6875
> Phone: 301-688-6672

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Subject: Recycling CD-ROMs, diskettes, microfiche

     A recent survey is going around electronically on how well libraries
do and do not recycle office materials. One point coming from the survey
shows that there are a number of libraries which would like to recycle
computer diskettes, CD-ROMs and microfiche/microfilm products. I know I
would prefer to recycle them rather than throw them all away.
     However, I don't know the names and addresses of any companies that
recycle any of these products- only paper, cardboard and toner cartridges.
If you know of any film or plastic recycling companies that will accept
CD-ROMs, diskettes or microfiche from libraries, please post their names
and addresses to me and I'll summarize for the lists.
     "Live green or die." (The motto of the Green Mountain Boys, before it
was recycled on to car license plates)  8-)

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