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> After Rebecca's message arrived yesterday, I did some searching in OCLC's
> database to see to what extent existing records for publications in
> Norwegian contain information that would allow the two new codes to be
> applied to those existing records... Based on this sample, I'm not
> optimistic about catalogers' ability to use the new codes accurately.

Then the answer is simple. You may want to set an OCLC policy
guideline to use only "nor" in selected fields. It may also be useful
for you to contact technical services staff that you know who use
OCLC systems and services in Norwegian libraries, and to ask them
which codes they would prefer to use in MARC records. Haavard and
Keld might also like to ask similar questions of their library

There is a legitimate need for codes for Nynorsk and Bokmaal,
(e.g. in Internet use, but in other situations too) but it may be
that libraries (anywhere) might want to stick to only using a subset
of ISO 639-2 codes, e.g. for backwards compatibility, and this subset
might not use the separate codes for Nynorsk and Bokmaal.

It may be that you would want to develop a policy guideline
(via OCLC? via OCLC and RLIN? via the CDNL committee? via MARBI? via
the IFLA committee on bibliographic standards?) on implementations of
ISO 639-2 in a bibliographic context.

This might for instance state that (after appropriate consultation)
libraries would continue to use the code "nor" but would not
generally use the separate codes for Nynorsk and Bokmaal.

That would mean no alteration to the standard, or to changes agreed
by the ISO 639 JAC.

Any reactions? Does that solve the problems raised in the library world?

I look forward to hearing from you

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