Here is our first formal request using the Web form. We did discuss this
at our meeting and some research needs to be done.

This is how the form gets sent in an email. I think you can figure out
what the labels are on the form (e.g. lang_in_eng=Language in English).

As ISO 639-2/RA I've analyzed the request, which meets the criteria in
terms of sufficient number of documents. To be consistent with the rule to
use a code based on the vernacular, I propose the use of "pld" and the
term German, Low (vernacular seems to be Plattdeutsch unless someone has
other information about that).

Now I will work on developing some standard forms to send to the


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Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 16:16:15 -0500
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Subject: New ISO 639-2 code

This data was submitted on: Friday, March 24, 19100 at 16:16:15

lang_in_eng = Low German
lang_in_fre =
ref_where_found_1 =
lang_in_vern =
ref_where_found_2 =
trans_lit =

evidence = National Library of the Netherlands, Short Title Catalogue (50)
British Library, 17th Century German Imprints collection (43)
addinfo = Currently covered by ISO 639-2/B code "gem" (same 639-2/T code).
The UKMARC Bibliographic Format has established code "gml" for "German, Low".
That UKMARC code is represented in 50 STC-N and 43 BL-17th Cen. German MARC
records. RLG received those records for load to the RLG Hand Press Books
database in 1998. Because RLG did not wish to delay loading the records
while a new language code for Low German is under consideration, the "gml"
code was changed to "gem."  However, RLG will change the "gem" code in those
records to whatever code is assigned if this request for a new Low German
code is approved.

request_addition = ISO 639-2 only
2_code_suggestion =
3_code_suggestion = gml
lang_in_eng_change =
lang_in_fre_change =
iso_639_2_b =
iso_639_2_t =
change_requested =
submit_name = Joe Altimus
submit_email = [log in to unmask]
submit_status = Analyzed bibliographic records containing the UKMARC "gml" language code for Low
German, prior to load of records to RLG's Hand Press Books database.
If you have questions about the STC-N or BL documents, you may wish to contact:
Jan Bos, National Library of the Netherlands, STC Office ([log in to unmask])
Graham Nattrass, British Library ([log in to unmask])