Currently both ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-1 provide a single code for

         639-2        639-1      Language name
         tat          tt         Tatar

Like other recent queries brought to the attention of the
ISO 639 JAC list, there are again two languages involved: Tatar, or
Kazan Tatar (which is usually just referred to as Tatar) and
Crimean Tatar, or Krim Tatar in the vernacular.

Tatar (Kazan Tatar) has official status (as a "literary language")
within Tatarstan in the Russian Federation, and Crimean Tatar
has been a "literary language" in Uzbekistan, with state publishing
houses producing significant numbers of Crimean Tatar publications
(following the mass deportations in the 1940s), and returning Crimean
Tatars are attempting to get language rights and other rights in the
Crimea, within the Ukraine, with mixed success.

There is also a significant population of Crimean Tatars across the
Black Sea in Turkey. Publications may be expected to be extensive.

The Tatar languages are seen as distinct languages from each other.

The Ethnologue has the following, rather confusing (and somewhat
erroneous?) entries for various Tatar languages:

TATAR [TTR] lang, Russia, Europe, Afghanistan, China, Turkey
CRIMEAN TURKISH [CRH] lang, Uzbekistan , USA, Bulgaria, Romania,
                      Turkey, Uzbekistan [sic]
and also
JUDEO-CRIMEAN TATAR [JCT] lang, Uzbekistan, Georgia

MARC language codes also have various "Judeo-..." languages listed.

I welcome reactions from JAC members as to the likely reactions to a
future request from CEN/TC304 for adding a code for Crimean Tatar.

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