ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee

Rules of procedure for conducting business

(10 March 2000)

The following documents rules of procedure for the conduct of meetings and email business by the ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee. It repeats some information that is in ISO 639-2:1998 in the normative Annex A and elaborates where necessary for clarification of procedures. In particular it details how business is run in the absence of regular meetings.

1. Composition of the Joint Advisory Committee

ISO 639/JAC is composed of:

Both ISO/TCs may nominate substitute representatives for a meeting.

2. Membership of ISO 639/JAC

3. Procedures for conducting business at meetings

3.1. Agenda.

3.2. Voting.

3.3. Role of observers

4. Procedures for conducting business by electronic mail

4.1. Electronic communications

4.2. Electronic voting procedures

4.3. Role of observers

4.4. Deadlines for response

See also Working principles for ISO 639 maintenance (ISO 639/JAC N3R).

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