ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee

Working principles for ISO 639 maintenance

(8 March 2000)

The following documents working principles for the maintenance of language codes by the ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee both in ISO 639-1 (Alpha-2 code) and ISO 639-2 (Alpha-3 code). It repeats some information that is in ISO 639-2:1998 in section 4 (Language codes) and the normative Annex A. In addition, it gives further details as to how language code changes that are submitted are considered and how the two parts of ISO 639 are related.

1. Definition of new language codes

1.1. Procedures

1.2. Criteria for ISO 639-2

1.3. Criteria for ISO 639-1

2. Choice of new language codes

3. Changes of existing language codes

4. Relationship between ISO 639-1 to ISO 639-2

See also Rules of procedure for conducting business (ISO 639/JAC N2R).

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