JAC members,

The work done at documenting and clarifying our Washington meeting has been
quick and thorough, and I am greatly impressed. But I also have to thank you
all, hosts and co-members, for two very nice days at LoC.
Turning now to the most urgent matter on the table, that of the Norwegian
codes, I agree fully with the comments made by John  and Hávard against
Rebecca's proposed composite coding. As John pointed out, there is nothing
in the standards permitting the combination of two language codes ("sgn"
belongs to another sphere, admittedly); on the other hand, we agreed that
the whole dialect issue needs to be looked into under one strategy which
made us decide as we did on e.g. Alsatian. And Hárvards CONCLUSION is very
appropriate and does not have to be repeated here. 

So I can say already now that I would vote against the solution proposed, if
it were to go that far.

Sten Hedberg

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