I have run into a similar problem, in that it fails to validate the
<?xml> tag that opens the document. but have just been ignoring it. I
don't know if it makes any difference if Wordperfect 9 fails to validate
it. the !DOCTYPE declaration is required for xml where the DTD is external
to the document, as is obviously the case with EAD.  I have decided to add
ours manually after saving the file as text.

I wonder if the DTD doesn't need to be modified in some way.  If I
remember correctly, there is a line of code that the Application
Guidelines say needs to be changed in the DTD in order for it to be xml
compliant, but I have never bothered to change it since, as you know, WP 9
parses the file not against the DTD itself but against a proprietary
template file. (If anyone knows a way to generate this file directly from
the DTD, I would be glad to hear it.  I created ours with a bit of a hack
from the .lgc files for wordperfect 8 that are posted on the EAD website,
so it is sgml compliant, but not (strictly speaking) xml compliant.)

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On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, Meissner, Dennis wrote:

> I am having a problem validating well-formed EAD documents in WordPerfect 9
> (the WordPerfect 2000 Office Suite).  The XML module in WP seems to insist
> on the root element <ead> being the very first thing in the document.  So
> when its parser runs across the DOCTYPE declaration preceding the <ead> tag,
> it flags it as an error.
> Have any WP users out there run into this and found a way to resolve it?
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