Although I am not a regular WordPerfect user (we use XMetaL and/or MS-Word
to produce our EAD documents), I have used it to the extent necessary to
create a couple finding aid templates that will form part of the "EAD
Cookbook"--soon to appear on the EAD Help Pages.

Although I never used version 8, my understanding is that the lgc files were
only necessary for sgml outputs, so they do not form a part of version 9,
which focuses on xml.  I think you only need lgc files if you are outputting
documents as sgml.

WordPerfect does seem to compile its proprietary version of the DTD directly
into the template as you suggest.  And it definitely has some
pecu7liarities.  The big one that I came up against--it may also be the
source of your parsing problem--is that it will not accept any text
appearing before the opening <ead> tag.  Therefore, XML declarations and
DOCTYPE declarations in either templates or XML documents return parsing
errors.  I have found no way around this problem; if you do, I would really
appreciate hearing about it.

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> Subject:      EAD and WordPerfect 9.0
> Has anyone compiled the EAD for WordPerfect 9.0?  We upgraded because of
> its xml support, but it handles the entire processing differently than in
> version 8.0  For example there are not lgc files  or an lgc folder that we
> can find.  It appears that the DTD is now complied directly into a
> WordPerfect template.
> I have attempted to compile the dtd but get an error that the compiler
> does
> not like one (?) of the BASESET declarations in eadsgml.dcl.  It isn't
> clear which one, but I think it must be the reference to 646:1983, the
> International reference set.
> Any comments would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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