Attached to this message is the compiled template file for wordperfect 9.0
that I have been using.  Note that it was compiled from the xml compliant
version of the EAD DTD, i.e. as noted on pages 134 of the appliation
guidelines with changes to the entity reference.

If you want to play aroundw with this, copy the file into the following

c:/program files/corel/WordPerfect Office 2000/template/Custom WP

When you save the document as an xml file, it will automatically add the
<?xml> statement at the front.  Although I set it to automatically include
the <!DOCTYPE> declaration, it does not seem to do it correctly--as Dennis
already noted.

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On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, Dale Patterson wrote:

> Has anyone compiled the EAD for WordPerfect 9.0?  We upgraded because of
> its xml support, but it handles the entire processing differently than in
> version 8.0  For example there are not lgc files  or an lgc folder that we
> can find.  It appears that the DTD is now complied directly into a
> WordPerfect template.
> I have attempted to compile the dtd but get an error that the compiler does
> not like one (?) of the BASESET declarations in eadsgml.dcl.  It isn't
> clear which one, but I think it must be the reference to 646:1983, the
> International reference set.
> Any comments would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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