Hi Connie, 
This may be of some interest to you, a new material designation, just what
you always wanted! Whether or not we have any or will get any is another


         To accommodate the sound recording medium of magneto optical
disks, which are used for archival recordings made at the Library of
Congress, LCRI 6.5B1 is being revised to introduce the specific
material designation "sound disc cartridge."  A copy of the revised RI
is posted on the CPSO Home Page at:

        The text being added to this RI is labeled  "LC practice."
This label signals a practice that LC will follow and serves as an
announcement to those who may notice the practice in LC records.  The
practice is discretionary for other libraries.  It will be implemented
at LC on May 1, 2000.

Kay Guiles for Geraldine Ostrove

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