With XSL stylesheets, it is possible to reorder and reuse data in more than
one location in your presentation.    Using the combined model, one can
extract series descriptions to create a separate list of series titles,
dates, quantities, scope and content descriptions, etc., as you wish, and
then display (or not) the same data again with the details of the contents
of each series.   It is not necessary to have the data in a separate section
or key it twice into two sections.

We encode the data once in the combined model.  In the past we have produced
one  integrated view for both web and print versions.  We are now
considering changing this so that the print version for larger collections
at least will have a separate series listing as well. This is consistent
with past practice and seems to match better the linear reading pattern of
print documents as distinguished from the non-sequential scanning of
electronic files.


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> Subject:      DSC combined vs. analyticover question
> We at the NLM History of Medicine Division are developing our EAD tag list
> and we are deciding whether to encode DSC as combined or analyticover.
> My question involves display and if the stylesheet can separate series
> descriptions from container lists if we use the combined approach? I'd
> like the user to view series descriptions independent of their box list,
> but wasn't sure if this was possible using combined. I didn't see any real
> discussion in the EAD Guidelines.
> What I'm aiming for is that the user can read a set of series descriptions
> and then click to a box list without repeating the series note.
> Thanks for any advice.
> John
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