Norma, I'll have Doris send you a list today.  I hope that your
travels are more pleasant this summer!!  See you soon.  Peggy

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>>> norma <[log in to unmask]> 06/19 6:57 PM >>>
 Peggy--My flight to Boston was delayed and turns out I could've been
the meeting instead of at the airport--alas, the airplane gods have
been good to me lately. My luggage didn't make it to San antonio and
I had
to wait til today to get clean clothes. BTW, is it possible to get a
of all the board members? I had one somewhere but can't find it now.
for the hard work you put into it all!  N

At 07:27 AM 6/19/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Folks:
>Just a brielf note to thank you all for a great two days.  Your
>in committee was excellent and Doris will be coordinating the job
>typing and getting the notes back to everyone (Penn thanks for
>ahead of the curve on that!).  We will be back in touch within a
>or two with updates and also confirmation on the October meeting.
>Thanks again and call or email anytime.
>Peggy A. Bulger, Director
>American Folklife Center
>Library of Congress
>101 Independence Ave, SE
>Washington, DC 20540-4610
>(202) 707-1745
>FAX (202) 707-2076
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