Below is the Draft Agenda to be posted to the PCC web site and to the
PCClist, please send suggestions, additions, etc. by close of business
Monday July the 19th.

BIBCO-At-Large, ALA Annual, Chicago
Sunday July 9th, 2000
McCormick Place (MCC-S404a) 12:00-1:00 AM

Draft Agenda

Multiple versions/Single-record and impact on BIBCO (Van Hoy/Schiff)

    1.  Maintenance across formats (continuing resources
vs                 continuing and finite resources)

Monitoring of quality in a shared environment

    1.  Maintenance issues (BFM as a required parameter of the BIBCO
    2.  Survey of Program records (Who, when, how)

Newsworthy/Action items form BIBCO-At-Large meeting

      Task Group on 042 code to note authorized access points
on              non-AACR2 bibliographic records

      Task Force on Multiple Manifestations of Electronic Resources

      BIBCO Working Group on Series Numbering

      Other topics?