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The American Historical Review will be available for free through December at the web address below.  After that, it appears you have to be a member of the American Historical Association to use it.


From: Michael C. Grossberg <[log in to unmask]>


     The June 2000 _American Historical Review_ is now available online
through the newly formed History Cooperative.  It can be found at:

     The issue's four articles, AHR Forum Essay, review essay, and array
of book and film reviews can all be read electronically.

The articles are:
    Timothy Tackett, "Conspiracy Obsessions in a Time of Revolution:
         French Elites and the Origins of the Terror, 1789-1792"

    Steven C. Topik, "When Mexico Had the Blues:  A Translatantic Tales of
         Bonds, Bankers, and Nationalists, 1862-1910"

    Matthew Connelly, "Taking Off the Cold War Lens:  Visions of North-
         South Conflict during the Algerian War for Independence"

    Daniel A. Segal, "'Western Civ' and the Staging of History in
         American Higher Education."

    Charles S. Maier's AHR Forum Essay, "Consigning the Twentieth Century
to History:  Alternative Narratives for the Modern Era," uses the advent
of a new millennium to raise questions about the twentieth century as a
distinctive epoch and periodization as a tool of historical analysis.  It
is the third installment of a format in which we solicit comments from
readers rather than commission responses to be published along with essay.

This time we take advantage of the new online AHR to open the discussion
even further.  We will host a moderated electronic discussion between Maier
and those who wish comment on his essay.  The discussion will take place
September 4-18.  Participants can send questions or comments of up to 700
words.  Guidelines will be posted on the discussion sign-in page.  Our
primary goals for the discussion are to make the exchanges as open and
useful as possible and to ensure that they comply with the established
standards of the AHR.  Beginning on September 4, the discussion site can be
found in the electronic version of the June 2000 issue at the address
listed above.  After the discussion has concluded, the exchanges will
become a permanent part of the electronic version of this Forum Essay.

     Finally, the issue includes a comprehensive review essay, "Bringing
the Peasants Back In:  Agrarian Themes in the Construction and Corrosion
of Statist Historiography in Rwanda," by David Newbury and Catharine

Questions about the new e-AHR or the Forum Essay can sent to:
The American Historical Review, 914 E. Atwater Ave., Bloomington, IN
47405 or to our
e-mail address:  [log in to unmask]

Michael Grossberg

P.S. Just a reminder, after January 1, 2001, the online Review will become
a benefit available to AHA members only.