We've encountered this situation once before (in past 5 years) at the Mobile
District Technical Library.  The borrowing university library bore the
responsibility of replacing the book.  A letter was drafted to the ILL Librarian
regarding the lost title and replacement cost.  Shortly thereafter, we received
a new copy of the title.

Cheryl B. Martin
Mobile District Corps of Engineers
109 ST Joseph St.
Mobile, AL 36602
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"Earnest, Kathryn L Ms USASCAF" <[log in to unmask]> on 07/17/2000
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Subject:  Lost materials through ILL

On the whole we have been very lucky in the return of materials which we
have loaned to non-federal libraries.  However, in the past year, we have
lost two items, which the borrowing library staff can not get their customer
to return. They are sure the customer is just refusing to return the item
and is claiming it is lost.  They have wanted to us to send them a bill in
order for them to have some leverage with their customer to get the item

Has anyone run up against this problem?   How were you able to resolve it?

Kathryn L. Earnest
6605 Army Pentagon
Washington DC 20310-6605
703-695-5346; DSN 225-5346
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