Network Bulletin No.00-38

Date: July 28, 2000

Subject: Web-Braille

Index term:   NLS Union Catalog now contains
links to Web-Braille titles

Beginning July 17, 2000, the records in the NLS__
International Union Catalog for Braille and Audio
Materials__ will contain links directly to the electronic
braille files on the NLS Web-Braille site.  The record for
each braille book that is also available via Web-Braille
will contain the words:

"Note:  Also available from Web-Braille as a grade 2 braille
digital file. Users must register with their cooperating

A link to each volume of a Web-Braille title will appear in
both the brief display and the full display.  When a Web-
Braille link is selected, the user will be prompted to enter
a Web-Braille user ID and password.

To search only Web-Braille titles, you may enter "web
braille" (as two words) in the "annotation, notes, contents"
field, and only records containing links to Web-Braille
files will be retrieved.

For further information please contact:

Judith M. Dixon
Consumer Relations Officer
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