Network Bulletin No. 00-33

Date: July 14, 2000

Subject: Automated Copy Allotment System

Index term: Quantity for Harry Potter series

The fourth title in the Harry Potter series,__ Harry Potter
and the Goblet of Fire,__ was available to the public on July
8, 2000.  Due to the popularity of the Harry Potter series,
this title will be a "RUSH" production for braille and audio
media, and  National Braille Press anticipates that the
braille version of this book will be available for
distribution within 2-3 weeks of publication.  For this
reason, network libraries will not be able to select a
quantity for this book.  Each network library will receive
quantities based on their prior Harry Potter series copy

If you have questions about your copy allotment distribution
for this title, please contact Ivy Jenkins at (202) 707-0549
or [log in to unmask]

For further information contact:
Jean M. Moss
Assistant Head
Production Control Section