I looked at both records in OCLC's copy of the authority file.  Both
appear to have been corrected.  I include copies of both records.
Sorry for the diacritics--they just don't transfer well!

OCLC is correctly modifying 100, 400, and 500 fields.  We are more
than halfway through the process of cleaning up the obsolete 1st
indicator; however, it will shortly be on hiatus during the pinyin
conversion and redistribution of authority records in August and 

010     n  81068915  
040     DLC $b eng $c DLC $d DLC $d OCoLC 
005     20000429064557.0 
100 1   Garcâia Bacca, Juan David, $d 1901- 
400 1   Bacca, Juan David Garcâia, $d 1901- 
400 1   Garcâia, David, $d 1901- 
400 1   Garcâia Bacca, David, $d 1901- 
400 1   Bacca, David Garcâia, $d 1901- 
400 1   Garcâia Bacca, Juan D. $q (Juan David), $d 1901- 
400 1   Bacca, Juan D. Garcâia $q (Juan David Garcâia), $d 1901- 
400 1   Garcâia Bacca, J. D. $q (Juan David), $d 1901- 
400 1   Bacca, J. D. Garcâia $q (Juan David Garcâia), $d 1901- 
670     His Ensayo sobre las fisico-matemâaticas ... 1933. 
670     Sobre virtudes y vicios, 1993: $b t.p. (Juan David Garcâia 
Bacca) cover, p. 4 (d. 1992)

010     n  84030601 
040     DLC $b eng $c DLC $d DLC $d OCoLC 
005     20000520071002.0
100 1   Garcâia-Bâarcena, Joaquâin. 
400 1   Bâarcena, Joaquâin Garcâia- 
400 1   Garcâia-Bâarcena G., Joaquâin 
670     El Recinto Sagrado de Mâexico-Tenoch., 1979: $b t.p. (Joaquâin 
670     His La cueva de Sta. Marta, Ocozocoautla, Chiapas, 1982: $b t.p.
(Joaquâin Garcâia-Bâarcena G. 

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Subject: OCLC cleanup of x00.2 on the NACO file


I have discovered a potential problem with the cleanup that OCLC are
doing to remove x00.2 from the NACO file, following LC's delayed
abolition of this indicator value from USMARC/MARC21. Students of
history will recall that the BL followed LC's original schedule for
this, and abolished x00.2 from our own formats and systems in 1998.

LC delayed their abolition until the implementation of Voyager this
year; its continuing presence in NACO authority records has acted
as a brake on our re-use of NACO headings in the Anglo-American
Authority File (AAAF), which is the shared portion of our
respective authority files, through which we also make our NACO

We were greatly relieved when LC were persuaded to employ OCLC to
clean up the NACO file to remove this indicator value from existing
authority records.

I now discover to my horror that OCLC may correcting only the
headings (100) and not the references (400). I hope I am
wrong, but I have by chance encountered two records where this
appears to be the case:

n81068915 Garcia Bacca, Juan David, 1901-
n84030601 Garcia Barcena, Joaquin

According to data in the 005 and 040 fields, both records have been
modified by OCLC (in April and May). The headings are coded 100.10,
but the records still contain references coded 400.20.

Please will someone tell me that I have come to a false conclusion?
If the 100 fields only are being modified, but not the other x00 fields,
the exercise loses much of its value for us and we are back in the
same frustrating position where we were before.



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