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>Personal messages need to be sent to individual email addresses instead of
>the total list-serve.  Other wise the list-serve will fold because of the
>mass of messages everyone will have to scan.  This is not a spam, just
>knowledge gained from a national Psych list-serve that I now receive.  I
>hope everyone has a great year.  Go VOLS!!!  Gary Padgett

Hi Gary,
Welcome to the list to you and all the other folks from North Carolina!  We
enjoyed having you here for your week in June.  Unfortunately, there was no
time to introduce you to our American Memory Fellows or tell you more about
our American Memory Fellows Program, which is a bit different from the
Adventure of the American Mind Program in North Carolina.

American Memory Fellows use this list as their way to stay connected with
each other and with Library announcements.  It is a bit personal because
Fellows - like the Adventure folk - have a unique experience in common,
having participated in a special staff development program at the Library.
Such an experience puts people on a first-name basis immediately, as you
can tell from Howard's reference to the line dance one year to Bonnie's
husband's joyful report on their first efforts to train others in what they
discovered here.

It is also colleagial and focused, since we have come to the programs
because of our professional work.  The topics on this list pertain to
Library announcements, great tidbits that we find on the web or elsewhere
that help us in our work with primary sources, our leadership efforts, and
our work in creating lessons with those sources.  We also use this list to
network and to ask for advice, help, to celebrate/commiserate when our
lessons meet/don't meet our expectations, to learn from others' posts as
they explore the use of American Memory, and to support each other when
technology questions arise.

None of us have time to waste on frivilous email.  Because this is a closed
list, consisting primarily of Fellows, Adventure participants, and LC
staff, we self-moderate the list.  It's our experience that Fellows
contribute to the list those things that focus on the topics and uses
above, and have separate conversations with each other when they wish to
become more personal.  (It's also a common practice on listservs for
participants to ask for help on certain things with responses to be given
off-list.  The recipient then posts a summary for the benefit of all list
members.  We haven't done that here, but it might be useful to consider.)

It's also our experience that being a Fellow or Adventure participant is
exciting - and that excitement spills over into the list from time to time.
 That said, let me indulge:

Thanks to everyone for your evaluations, email messages, and cards.  They
were shared all around with staff and curators.  Next year's Fellows and
Adventure participants will benefit from your thoughtful responses.

And Bonnie's Husband (Mike, to everyone else) - well done!  Getting the
word out at the beginning of school is a great way to start the year, for
yourselves, your colleagues, and for American Memory.  Don't forget to
enter your exploits in our Leadership form on the Fellows' web site.  Your
tips and tricks will be used by others, I'm sure.

Don't forget to put NCSS 2000 in San Antonio on your calendars.  We'll be
exhibiting there and Dr. Billington is the featured speaker.  We'll plan a
get together most definitely.

To all the folks that I've been corresponding with on lessons, please
accept my apologies for not being timely in responding.  We've built
several web sites, online orientation sites for both Adventure participants
and Fellows, and run three weeks of training this summer. I will return to
getting those lessons up very, very soon.

Have a great year everyone,
Judy, m.h.
ps- I had a great time in Maine.  Thanks for asking.
Judith K. Graves
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