Hi Sara,
I'm posting to the listserv instead of replying directly as I thought
others might not only enjoy my pearls of wisdom but might have some
additional ideas on developing a high impact, sexy, internot CD based
presentation. Here are my three ideas;
1) location, location, location - pre-guess your audience's interests and
focus on them
2) gather THE EXACT SAME equipment (including the video projector) and
software that you plan to use for the demo and take it home on a weekend
and practice the presentation more than once and SCRIPT AND TIME IT! Unless
you have one of those photogenic memories, this CD is way too complicated
to use "off the cuff" - that is courting disaster! Have one person talk and
the other cue from an annotated or highlighted copy of the web site map.
3) the more different media types we focused into one lesson, the more they
applauded. Remember that students (and school boards) have different
learning modalities and the great thing about AMC is the multiple types of
media you can call up and focus onto a single topic. Stack the deck - have
some pre-printed (color) sheet music, broadsides, maps and/or posters on
the topic you will demo. Show them the web page and then hand them the
'realia' (love that word). Open a new browser window with each new item you
bring up for view on one topic and arrange them like a collage, including
the video clips and music players. Take a laptop with LOTS of memory and
set the application memories HIGH - especially the browser.

If you actually want my best suggestions, you'll have to buy my book! No
just kidding!

We set the audience up by telling them we had buckets of cold water placed
around the room because we knew how excited they were going to get - and
they did - but we didn't. If you're gonna wow a school board, be prepared
for success! Have a printed plan of what you want them to do and how much
it's going to cost them (ie; lots of teacher training with snacks and 11x17
color inkjet printers sprinkled liberally around the schools). Have a line
for them to sign on! Good luck. This done right is like shooting fish in a
Bonnie's husband, Mike

>Poster:       Bob and Sara Sadowsky <[log in to unmask]>

>I'm glad to hear how well your show went;  I am presenting the Inter-NOT
>show to our school board next month.  Any tips?
>Sara Sadowsky