Hi Arnold -

I really enjoyed seeing your message on the list.  You know, we never had
time at the 1999 Institue to do dance lessons (and you should have seen how
prepared I was!) and I wasn't part of the 2000 sessions, so no dancing this
year either.  What this means is that you were privy to a very unique
experience indeed.  Just count your lucky stars.

But more important, how's your health?  Sounds like you are back teaching
full tilt.  Mazel tov!  My big news is that I got married at the beginning
of the summer.  It's a fun thing to do as a grown-up.  And talk about
dancing at weddings...


At 07:46 PM 8/24/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Fellow Fellows:
>This is just a note to say hello to the people in this growing network, and
>acknowledge the excellent work this is being done by teachers and media
>specialists who are among our number.  I follow the forum closely, both for
>news and projects.  I was at the Library of Congress in the summer of 1998
>along with my partner Howard Lurie.  Yes, I even got up and participated in
>that silly line dance.  Did I have a choice?
>I enjoyed the workshop immensely.  I'm glad that I was given such an intense
>exposure to the LoC site; I have used various parts of its collection in my
>own classes regularly since then.  I will continue to do so during this
>school year, which begins in a few days.  Here's wishing everyone a terrific
>school year, both real and virtual.
>Arnold Pulda
>Doherty Memorial High School
>Worcester, MA
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