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Three on the Elections
Web White & Blue 2000
Campaign 2000: The Candidates, Their Supporters & Experts Debate Foreign Policy
How to Register to Vote in the United States

Released earlier this year, Web White & Blue 2000 is intended to
"help voters, journalists, and others use the Internet to learn more
about the presidential candidates, their campaigns, their scheduled
debates this fall as well as the way the online resources are
impacting politics in this presidential election year." The Best of
the Best section provides links to election coverage and campaign
material from a wide range of sources on the Internet. Beginning on
October 1, the Rolling Cyber Debate is intended to provide a forum
for candidates and their campaigns to continue debates online between
the televised ones. Web White and Blue 2000 is supported by the
Markle Foundation. The second site listed above, the Campaign 2000
Website, is hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations, a national
think tank. This site is devoted to foreign policy and the upcoming
US presidential election. Over 25 foreign policy issues help to
organize the site, including arms control, global health,
immigration, oil, and numerous country-specific entries. For each
issue, there is a briefing paper (Foreign Policy Issues) with
references, as well as a Candidate Positions section with links to
position statements on the issue, when available. The Experts and
Advisors section, again organized around the same list of issues,
provides links to information from Candidates and Surrogates, Expert
Opinions, and Views From Abroad. For those of you who are not yet
registered to vote, the third site, How to Register to Vote,
sponsored by the Bagwell Advertising Agency, gives state-by-state
instructions on voter registration including links to forms or online
registration where available. [AG]