Dear All:

I cannot believe this serendipity!  Our Kindergarten teachers have chosen
the topic "Roads" for their initial unit with kids...and what a fine
resource both "Henry Hikes" and the "All Roads are Good" exhibit/book/poster
will be! (I'm even considering "To Market..." Linda's AMF lesson, about the
impact of transportation over the centuries.)

And Linda's Web page has gotten me thinking about using primary resource
maps from American Memory with this very young children (something I've not
tried before!)

Any other ideas and tips are welcome...thank you both!

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"It is important that students bring a certain ragamuffin barefoot
irreverence to their studies; they are not here to worship what is known,
but to question it."  (Jacob Bronowski)

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> Linda,
> Thank you for posting your wonderful lesson and for sharing your personal
> connections to the loc collection.  My opening theme for the
> school year is "All
> Roads Are Good" (based on a Smithsonian poster I purchased last
> summer while at the
> American Memory Project).  Your lesson will add a whole new
> dimension to the unit.
> Somehow those "ages 4 to 104" stories always prove to be powerful
> touchstone
> pieces.
> A beautiful lesson, Linda:-)  Gail Desler
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> > Hello All,
> >
> >   I was very excited when I learned the American West was
> finally online. I
> > have been waiting ever since it was announced. The reason is that my
> > grandpa spent time in Colorado, New Mexico, and Idaho from about 1900 -
> > 1910. He and his wife sometimes performed in Opera Houses. He mainly
> > dabbled in silver mining. His sister and a brother lived there
> all of their
> > adult lives. When my cousin Paul Egan passed away several years ago, my
> > mother was given all of the photographs, some were labeled
> while others she
> > was able to identify. So I began searching all of the towns I could
> > remember being mentioned. One town was Del Norte where my great Aunt Jen
> > (Colorado Jen) and Uncle Clarence Egan lived at one time. She
> taught school
> > there and I had an old photograph of the school with Aunt Jen and her
> > students pictured in front. To my delight, I found a similar
> picture in the
> > collection along with an exact photograph of the Middaugh
> general store on
> > the main street of town. I have more exploring to do with over 30,000
> > photographs.
> >
> > Also my colleague and I recently completed an activity to go
> along with a
> > book, titled, Henry Hikes to Fitchburg by D.B. Johnson. The
> story is based
> > on a passge from Walden by Henry David Thoreau. We used many
> resources from
> > the American Memory Collections to build the activity, including
> > photographs of the transcendentalists and their homes, railroad
> maps, and
> > town maps. Check out the site:
> >
> > Linda
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