Daniel provides a clear example of how the encoding might work with the
PARENT attribute.   However, I believe that the original example, if I
correctly understand it, is a misapplication of the attribute as defined in
the Tag Library.   Moreover, it my assumptions are correct, it is also
unnecessary to achieve the effect you wish.

First, let me state my assumptions about your example.   Mss 97 is the
identification of the collection as a whole of which the contents of folder
40 is one part.   You will probably have added Mss97 in a unitid element in
the collection level <did>.   For some containers, but not necessarily all,
you wish to display the collection id number and the folder number
explicitly along with the description of the folder's contents.   Do I have
that correct?

When you reread the definition of the PARENT attribute in the Tag Library,
you will see that the situation described above is not the one envisioned
for the use of this attribute.  Instead, it would be applied, for example,
when a particular component contains only the explicit container
identification for a folder and not for the box in which that folder is
housed and you need to point to a container element in another component
that contains the identification/number of that box.

Actually, if all you wish to do is to insert the collection's id number
along with the folder number in the description of components ( container
list), you can do so with an XSL stylesheet without having to actually do
any of this additional markup.

While the exact XSL syntax of the template rule that would accomplish this
might be structured in many different ways, it is a relatively simple matter
to write a rule that would say in effect, whenever a container element is
found, find the value of <ead><archdesc><did><unitid> and insert it just
before the contents of the container element.


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> Subject:      Re: parent attribute
> The PARENT attribute on <container> has the declared value IDREF, which
> means that you need to reference an id on a "parent" element. The
> following
> will work:
> <unitid id="mss97">Mss 97</unitid>
> ...
> <container parent="mss97" type="folder">Folder 34</container>
> If you are using XSL to generate output, you would then easily be able to
> provide the "Mss 97" prefixed to each container text, for example, output
> might be
> Mss 97: Folder 34.
> I do not have time to show you the XSL at the moment, but it should not be
> too difficult to figure out.
> Daniel
> At 04:53 PM 8/1/00 -0500, you wrote:
> >A question, I have been reading the EAD Application Guidelines and Tag
> >Library, and with regard to the parent attribute the emphasis on usage
> seems
> >to be for a box number.
> >
> >Well, we do not emphasis box numbers very much.  Collections here are
> >assigned what we call a manuscripts number and the collections are housed
> on
> >shelves in manuscript number order.  So that when it comes to pulling
> items
> >and having researchers request items.  The most important data for staff
> is
> >the collection number and folder number.
> >
> >We currently encoded the collection number as the <unitid>.
> >
> >If we would want as page 90 in the application guide lines suggestion to
> be
> >able to return to the reader not only a list of collection titles, but
> the
> >container location and specific component description within that
> >collection.  For us that would be the collection number and folder
> number.
> >Mss 97 folder 34.
> >
> >To finally get to my question, would it be wrong to place our collection
> >number as a parent attribute in the folder <container> element?
> >
> ><container parent="Mss 97" type="folder"> Folder 34</container>
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