Computer and IT Training Tuition Scholarships for Federal and State Employees

Most Federal and State employees want to improve their computer/IT skills.
However, high cost of training and a busy schedule have held them back.

Now, the National Education Foundation (NEF) CyberLearning, a non-profit
organization, dedicated to bridging the "Digital Divide," offers Federal
and State employees a unique opportunity. With the support of Microsoft and others,
NEF CyberLearning is now able to offer full tuition scholarships, valued at $2,000,
 to the first 5,000 applicants, thus enabling them to take any or all of the 500+
Internet-based online Personal Computing and Computer Professional courses
from anywhere at any time.

The high-quality, user-friendly courses are either self-study or instructor-led.
They cover all levels and almost all topics, including Computer Basics,
Internet Basics, Web Design Basics, Networking Basics, Programming Basics,
A+, Network+, MCSE, CNE, Microsoft Office, MOUS, WordPerfect, Lotus,
Operating Systems, Windows, Windows 2000, Linux, Unix, Networking, WAN,
LAN, Programming, Java, C++, Visual Basics, Internet, Web Design,
Web Applications, Web Master, E-commerce, Databases, Oracle and Cisco.

To sign up, just visit, click on "Free IT Training,"
complete the "Federal and Other Government Employees" application and pay a
nominal registration fee of $75 with a government/personal credit card. This
$75 is the only cost, since the tuition is free for Federal and State employees.
Many Federal and State agencies reimburse the $75.

A registrant receives immediate access to all 500+ online courses,
an online library of the latest 1,000+ computer/information technology books,
evaluations, instructor assistance, course-specific chat areas and
round-the-clock technical support.

Please forward this information to interested colleagues and other Federal and
State employees. To unsubscribe, please reply with "unsubscribe" in the Subject line.

The non-profit National Education Foundation (NEF) CyberLearning has
provided tuition-free IT training to thousands of students, teachers,
government and non-profit employees and disadvantaged individuals.
By training 100,000 teachers as well as government and non-profit employees,
NEF plans to touch a million disadvantaged students. Starting this Fall,
NEF plans to offer unlimited online IT training in 300+ courses to all
disadvantaged school and college students nationally for $2 per student per month.
NEF has earned many distinctions including "The Ivy League of IT Training,"
"1995 Fairfax Human Rights Award," and " A Leader in Bridging the Digital Divide."

"You are helping to empower America. I salute you for your ongoing
commitment to creating a better America," --- President Clinton

"This is an awesome opportunity. You are making a difference."

"Microsoft is pleased to play a part ... NEF can make a positive
difference in the lives of a great number of individuals." --- Microsoft

" I just want to say thank you for myself and on behalf of the many people
that benefit from your incredible benevolence."
--- Lilia Nunez, a registrant and a Digital Divide program beneficiary

"I have found the CyberLearning online courses to be extremely easy and useful.
I liked pre-course self-assessment and IT books online and available 24/7. The
course screens were interactive and made me feel as if I was in the application
itself. The site looks and feels very professional. The list of courses is huge.
It includes something for almost everyone. I find this to be a very worthy cause."
--- Ken Horowitz, IT Training Coordinator