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        The Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries
(PACSCL), a consortium of twenty-one institutions in the Philadelphia area,
seeks a grant-funded technical consultant for a 15-month Encoded Archival
Description project on a flexible work schedule to start on October 15,
2000.  PACSCL's overall mission is to enhance access to the diverse
collections of member institutions.
        The current EAD project will include 16 of the institutions and
involves outsourcing legacy finding aids to a vendor for xml-compliant EAD
mark-up, employing authoring software, and establishing conventions and
protocols for the creation of new xml:EAD finding aids.
        The consultant will have the following responsibilities:

*  Help institutions implement post-EAD outsourcing steps, including:
        -Proof-reading and cleaning up the finding aids after conversion;
        -Designing macros or scripts to make some of these tasks

*  Help institutions to work toward standardization of their finding aids,
and to create an EAD template fitting the specificity of their collection.

*  Help install the selected SGML/XML editor at each institution:
        -Prepare the rule files the entity files and the catalog,
        -Customize the editor both for creating new finding aids and for
editing converted finding aids.

*  Manage FTP files from member institutions to a host institution which
will contain:
        -All the shared files (templates, rule files, entity files,
catalog, macros, etc.).
        -Every institution's finding aids (those to be converted to EAD,
those already converted, and those which have been cleaned up after

*  Train and support institutions' staffs as needed throughout the project.
Support might occur through email, phone and in-person visits to
institutions. Training and support will be most needed for:
        -implementation of post-processing steps,
        -use of the SGML/XML editor,
        -authoring new finding aids,
        -use of the project's ftp or web site.

*  Periodically attend coordination meetings (with the steering committee
and/or all the PACSCL institutions involved).

*  Possibly:
        -Help develop MS Word macros or PERL scripts for semi-automated
encoding of new finding aids,
        -Assist with conversion of EAD finding aids to HTML for display on
individual institution websites.

*  Required: BA or BS.
*  Preferred: Degree in Library Science or equivalent experience.

*  Required: Knowledge of SGML or XML; experience with SGML/XML software
packages or parsers, good familiarity with internet services (ftp, telnet,
web, etc.).
*  Preferred: Familiarity with the EAD standard; knowledge of MS Word macro
language; experience with MS Access, Perl programming.

*  We will consider applications with preference for either a salary or
hourly rate.

Send cover letter and resume by September 15, 2000 to:
Robert S. Cox
Chair, PACSCL EAD Steering Committee
American Philosophical Society
105 S. 5th Street
Philadelphia, Pa. 19106-3386
or by email to:
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Diana Franzusoff Peterson
Manuscripts Cataloger and
  College Archivist
Haverford College Library
  Special Collections
Haverford, Pa. 19041
fax: 610-896-1102