I'm a newcomer in EAD matters. I've been studying har for a couple of months and I decided to implement this wonderful working tool in a small public archive and in some private family papers collections. There isn't anybody in Portugal, to my knowledge, working with EAD. Even SGML is known only to a few engineers. Under this conditions, I hope everybody will understand my simple questions and hope someone to be so kind to give me a hand, if possible...
I've got myself a free evaluation copy of XML Spy, an editor that is very well classified in Ari Davidow's review at http://www.ivritype.com/xml/ (thank you for the suggestion, Mathew Hillyard, PRO).
I tried, for a start, to validade ead.dtd itself, after having changed the entity reference "<ENTITY % sgml to 'IGNORE', as the Guidelines say.
The result is the following
<!--          INVOKE EADBASE MODULE                             -->
<!ENTITY % eadbase PUBLIC
"-//Society of American Archivists//DTD eadbase.ent (Encoded Archival Description (EAD) Basic Declarations Version 1.0)//EN"
with the cursor  in the last line above just after %eadbase; and the message: % expected!
Could someone help me with this so that I don't stop on the first trap?...
Josť M. Fernandes