We're currently in the process of converting our SGML files to HTML, with the goal of ultimately posting to our website.

I've been trying the method suggested by the EAD Cookbook which suggests using SP for the SGML conversion to XML, then using XMetaL for the XML conversion to HTML.  My original SGML documents were created using Author/Editor 3.5.

The SGML to XML conversion seems to have occured properly but I'm having a problem with the XML documents in XMetaL.  Whenever I try to open an XML file (or try to open a new document) I get this message in the Validation Box:

Error in the Document Type Declaration in the document.  Bad DOCTYPE.  Document type name "EAD", must be a tag name in the rules file.

I've been using the rules file for xml that was available with the Cookbook (ead.rlx).  Is there a way to alter this rules file to fix this or is there some other problem that I'm not addressing?

Thanks for your time,
Irene-Ann Spanner
National Gallery of Canada, Library and Archives