Network Bulletin No. 00-43

Date: August 11. 2000

Subject: Reference materials

Index term: __Adaptive Technology for the Internet__ available

Following its 110-year tradition of publishing useful
materials for library professionals and researchers, the
American Library Association's ALA Editions has posted the
full text of __Adaptive Technology for the Internet: Making
Electronic Resources Accessible to All__ on its web site:
at <
openstacks/insidethecovers/mates/mates_toc.html >.
__Adaptive Technology for the Internet__ is by Barbara
Mates, regional librarian in Cleveland.

Barbara, with contributions from Judith Dixon, NLS consumer
relations officer, seeks to guide librarians and information
providers in establishing access to the Internet for
individuals who use large print, voice, and braille.  She
includes chapters on basic document design, large-print and
braille access to the Internet, screen readers, voice-
recognition systems, hearing-assistance devices, funding
sources for adaptive technology, and web sites helpful for
information on accessibility.

You may wish to bookmark this edition or purchase a print
copy from ALA Order Fulfillment, 155 North Wacker Drive,
Chicago, IL 60606-1717.  The print copy is $36.

For further information contact:

Linda Redmond
Reference Section