Network Bulletin No.00-44

Date:  August 11, 2000

Subject:    Web-Braille

Index term:  NLS launches braille magazine
pilot project on the Internet

Following the successful implementation of Web-Braille, NLS
is now conducting a pilot project to make braille magazines
available through Web-Braille.  These formatted grade 2
braille files will be similar to those for books and can be
accessed and used in the same manner.

Initially the project will consist of a weekly posting of
the braille edition of the __New York Times Large Type
Weekly__ and an occasional posting of braille sports
schedules.  Other magazines will be added over the next few

A link to the braille magazine pilot project can be found on
the Web-Braille  site.  All current subscribers to Web-
Braille can access the magazines immediately.

For further information contact:

Judith M. Dixon
Consumer Relations Officer
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