Network Bulletin No. 00-50

Date: August 25, 2000

Subject: Staff, Network

Index term: 2001 Schedule of Orientation for network

A three-day orientation program about the services offered
by NLS is available for network staff.  This comprehensive
overview gives participants an opportunity to meet NLS staff
with whom they frequently communicate, to gain a deeper
understanding of NLS operations and services, and to meet
colleagues from around the network.  The basic orientation
program lasts three days and will be conducted three times
in 2001.  In June an optional fourth day offers a machine
repair workshop.  Participants will meet with
representatives from each of the NLS divisions, sections,
and offices, with time allotted for questions.  Participants
are expected to attend the full three days of presentations.
Each participant can choose two "Experience NLS" sessions.
These are one-hour, in-depth sessions on timely NLS topics
such as internet accessibility, selection for the national
collection, and the __International Union Catalog.__A tour
of the Library of Congress buildings on Capitol Hill is also
part of the orientation.  "Experience NLS" sessions require
at least three weeks advance notice to NLS staff.

The calendar year 2001 orientation schedule is:

March 26 - 28, Monday - Wednesday
June 12 - 14, Tuesday - Thursday
(plus Friday, June 15 - machine repair workshop)
November 13 - 15, Tuesday - Thursday

The 1995 __Revised Standards and Guideines __for Service(11.9),
published by the American Library Association,
supports sending appropriate staff members who have
completed at least six months on the job to an NLS

To register staff members for an orientation, please contact
David Whittall at  (202) 707-9258 or <[log in to unmask]>.  He
will then send a confirmation letter to your library with a
schedule, a list of local accommodations, and an "Experience
NLS" request form several weeks prior to the orientation.

For further information contact:

David Whittall
Network Consultant