Network Bulletin No. 00-51

Date:    August 25, 2000

Subject: Service to Visiting Readers

Index term: Reminder

Several network libraries contacted NLS asking if they have
to participate in providing service to visiting users, as
other network libraries are refusing service to their
visiting patrons.

It is NLS policy that all network libraries shall offer to
eligible visiting readers minimum services as defined in
__Network Library Manual__ entry 5.10.

As part of a cooperating network, each library has a right
to expect that its patrons will receive assistance from
another network library if the patrons are in another
library's service area and need service.

We realize that serving visiting readers has become more
troublesome with automated circulation systems.  However,
the function of such systems is to serve readers, not to be
an obstacle.

Please review your circulation procedures and system to
ensure that a method exists for your library and staff to
offer service to a visiting reader.

For more information contact:

Carolyn H. Sung
Network Division